Countdown to opening day!

Only 8 days to opening day for 2008.  The island looks spectacular  Just rode the new tram and saw the sculpture being installed in Nolan Park.  There are so many new things this year on Governors Island..the waiting room, bike rental…too many to list.  I’ll post again next week with more info on some of the summer programs.

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  1. Reading about GIPEC in a relatively fallow issue of the NY-er stirred my mind to come up with a general idea for GI’s future.

    The comments about NY’s situation prompted me to think about Stockholm–a very modern city but one that treasures its past (as NYC has not). GI is further from the city proper than Drottningholm, but the juxtaposition of a theater that revives the past with the active theater of the city’s modern life struck me as an interesting possibility (it also suggests a use for the 40-ft wide Liggett Building). Restoration and 18th-comedy survives in our popular culture in the sitcoms, but the US stages very few productions of this vigorous mode of comedy from the past. To circumvent the expensive and stringent theatrical unions, a theater devoted to such plays (the popularity of which coincided with NYC’s yeasty emergence as the cultural capital of the nation) could consist of interns–young people heading for stage careers.

    The other Stockholm feature that might bear modified adaptation is Skansen. Some buildings and showcases for crafts that evoke NYC from its beginnings to the early Federal period would show a different aspect of America from that presented by Williamsburg and Sturbridge.

    I hope you will at least acknowledge this submission. If the idea seems to have the prospect of fecundity, I would be happy to think more deeply and widely about it.

    Frank Gado

    • Thank you for the thoughtful suggestion! We do see a strong future for the arts, including the performing arts, on Governors Island. We announced earlier this year the selection of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to create an art studio and exhibition program. Thanks again for your interest in Governors Island.

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