Everyone Loves a Hammock

I Hammock GI Summer 09

You love our hammocks! We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about our hammocks ever since their debut earlier this season. They’ve been a huge hit. In fact, they’ve come to symbolize summer for us so much, we’ve started using them as our unofficial Summer ’09 logo (above!).

We’re not the only ones who love hammocks. Apartment Therapy, a great blog about design for small spaces, just published Best Hammocks of 2009. It’s a terrific resource for those of you who’ve asked us where you can buy your own hammock. They also just had a cute real-estate-envy post about our historic houses, so we’re forgiving them for skipping us in this year’s hammock round-up (you’re on notice, AT!).

july 09 002

Who needs a hammock at home when you can make yourself at home in a hammock on Governors Island?

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4 Responses

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  2. […] Many wondered what it was that was causing this change? Were they trying to blend in with the red hammocks, Adirondack chairs and cabanas at Picnic […]

  3. […] a home away from home. It has all the comforts of your very own backyard from Adirondack chairs to hammocks to grassy knolls for spreading your picnic to a myriad of front porches you can perch upon. We […]

  4. […] Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA) Summer Colony on Governors Island: “Five Days of Clay” by CMA […]

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