Spiderman, Sandman, Duke it Out on Gov Isle


We recently learned that Governors Island is featured in not one, but two new issues of Marvel Comic’s “Amazing Spiderman.” According to the website Comic Book Resources, the issue’s writer, Fred Van Lente enjoyed the chance to use Governors Island as a setting. The website quotes Van Lente: “Governors Island, as those who read the story know, was an Army base and then a Coast Guard station for almost a century. Now, it’s open in the summer as a park. You can go there, bike around and have picnics.” And build a secret sand lair. 

You can tell it's Governors Island by the distinctive brick building and assortment of green portable toilets. (Courtesy of CBR News/Marvel Comics)


We’re definitely going to buy the issues because we have some questions. How did Spiderman and the Sandman get here? Did they take the ferry, or make like deer and swim over? How did that giant sand guy get past security at the BMB? Wouldn’t we need to issue a Request for Proposals to develop a sand lair like this? 

This is the biggest animated brush with fame for Governors Island since The Simpsons visited New York City in the 1st episode of the 9th season and the Island was a running inside joke (Marge: “It’s wall-to-wall landmarks! The Williamsburg bridge! 4th Avenue! Governor’s Island!”).

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  1. […] as a center of Island recreation and fun. The Burger King even made an appearance in issue 615 of Spiderman.  Keemia enjoys a snack at the Island's Burger King (from issue #615 of the Amazing Spiderman […]

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