Burgers and Beers on Governors Island

NPR reported last week that a Burger King in Miami was going to sell beer with its burgers and fries, beginning in mid-February. Many believe that this is the first Burger King in the country to serve beer, but in fact, the Governors Island Burger King sold beer here during the Coast Guard era on the Island. (It was also likely the only Burger King that was  attached to a bowling alley!) 

Interior of the Governors Island Burger King (photo by Andrew Moore)

 The Burger King is located on the southern portion of Governors Island, adjacent to the ball fields. It is often remembered fondly by those who lived and worked here as a center of Island recreation and fun. The Burger King even made an appearance in issue 615 of Spiderman

Keemia enjoys a snack at the Island's Burger King (from issue #615 of the Amazing Spiderman written by Fred Van Lente and illusrated by Javier Pulido)

 Unlike many places around New York City, you could get a 32 ounce beer on Governors Island for just over $2. 

Original price list from the Governors Island Burger King

And although we may no longer have the Burger King, we do have a variety of food and drink for visitors to enjoy when we are open to the public, including  Water Taxi Beach, where you can enjoy a beer and a burger with a view of the Manhattan skyline.

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6 Responses

  1. […] prior military history, is that there used to be a Burger King on the island. According to the Governors Island blog, this Burger King also sold beer during the Coast Guard era (1966-1996). A pitcher of beer was a […]

  2. […] the Commanding Officer’s House. They show spaces such as the movie theater, bowling alley, old Burger King and many […]

  3. […] Battery Tunnel vent shaft (which is how the evil Sandman accesses Governors Island). Even the old  Burger King on the southern end of the Island makes an appearance in the […]

  4. Burger King on Governor’s Island I cannot even imagine!
    In the fifties and early sixties, the bowling alley was the place to get a great hamburger. I would order to go run home to BLDG. 8663F and read Nancy Drew while enjoying the juiciest burger.

  5. Great post! If the BK Bar in Miami goes well, the idea is headed to 42nd street by Port Authority. But let everyone know where it started!

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