Castaway Kitten

Yez, I own this town now.

Add one determined housecat to the growing menagrie of visiting fauna on Governors Island.  Over the past several years, the Island has hosted a few turtles,  a day-tripping Dutch cow, a wayward Jersey deer, and we’re about to get some chickens. We think this kitty was swept out to the river from Jersey during the big storms over the weekend, hitched a ride on some floatsam, and eventually landed on the rocks that encircle the Island. Her coat’s a little seaweedy, but she’s otherwise  healthy and very friendly. Any information that leads her back to her family is appreciated. Until then, she’s getting all the Fancy Feast her brave little heart desires.

PS: Yes,we’ve called a vet. No, she doesn’t have her own @twitter handle. . . yet.

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285 Responses

  1. that molly brown is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. I couldnt think you are more right..

  3. I would still say Pagganck is a great cat name, Paggy for short.
    Otherwise Salty sounds good!

  4. I think a good name for the cat is….Survivor….after all, thats what she is….

  5. I vote for Molly or Marianne.

  6. I vote for Molly Brown! This was an unsinkable cat to arrive on Governor’s Island.

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  8. How about Catalina, like the Island. What a wonderful story with a happy ending for the cat. I just thought of another name from a movie I saw so many years ago as a kid that I adored-Thomasina.

    I will have to come and visit her.

  9. I was hoping for an update on your newest fuzzy resident. Are you still going to ask the public to vote on a culled-down list of names for her? I like “Ariel” (the Disney mermaid) and “Zatara” (the Count of Monte Cristo’s nickname meaning “driftwood”) the best.

    Have you been deluged with people claiming that this their lost pet? If none of these claims are real, I hope she stays where she is, you all seem to adore your little mascot.

    Greetings from Sparks, Nevada

  10. “SALTY” came to me first. She looks like a Salty Cat.
    Her new picture looks like she “purrfectly content” to be on land. Other names: “Cutty Sark”, Seamaid, Meowzer, Seabee, Houdini, and Chowder.
    Submitted by others I liked: Gilligan, Keeper, & Wilson.

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  12. I think she should be named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty, “Aphrodite”; as she was the last beauty to have washed up on the shore of an island (I think that was Cyprus); or it’s Roman equivalent, “Venus”, as this name would be easier for a cat to learn and remember . (Venus on a clamshell!) Another one I like is “Kelpie”, as she seems to have washed up on shore on a raft of seaweed or kelp, becoming covered with it.

  13. I think the best name so far has been Lady Governess!

  14. I think she should be called “Tuffy.” Many years ago, I found a calico kitten on the side of the road. She had been hit by a car and had a broken tail, her leg was hanging off and she was covered in fleas. The vet said she was suffering from starvation, dehydration and exposure. He cut off her tail and sewed her leg back on and I nursed her back to health. Even though she never weighed more than four pounds, she lived for seven wonderful years. Whenever I see a calico cat, I think of her. I called her Tuffy because she was so tough. This cat certainly falls into Tuffy’s “cat”egory.

  15. Grace or gracie or graciegirl

  16. How about the name GillaJean, sounds like the female version of Gilligan.

  17. How about Salty or SeaWeed! Miracle is another one.

    I want her, she is mine. I near Newark-Delaware not NJ, but she is mine non the less!

    JK, I have a calico, she is not mine, but I would take her in a heart beat if you would let me…

  18. you know Ginger is very cute!from gilligan’s)

  19. Lady Liberty

  20. HOW about Lady Liberty?


  22. How about just Lucky since she is a very lucky kitty.

  23. I think “Robinson” after the famous castaway Robinson Crusoe!

  24. How about name her “Island Queen”?

  25. Lucky Mile, sinc the cat swam a mile in the strong currents in NY harbor

  26. How about Ginger or Maryann?

  27. Perhaps Lady Governess.

    She Rules the island with a Iron Paw.

  28. Glad she is safe and being cared for. What a brave and lucky kitty!

    LUCKY would be fitting.

  29. She’s so adorable! I read about her on Yahoo… and they suggested a really stupid name. She’s a female!

    Anyway, I’m a crazy cat lady with 3 of my own… and I’m always down for a good “save the kitty” story. Love this one!

  30. name flow shot for flotation device
    but i like the catfish suggested
    or it in Governors island so Governess

  31. How about Ariel, like the Little Mermaid?

  32. I would name her Muriel after the mermaid. What a beautiful and brave kitty she is.

    • i own a cat that is identical to this cat! and i live in south carolina and i saw this online i thought it was mine

  33. How about Calico Survivor

  34. seaweed. I think is a good name

  35. I shall call her Catfish .I think that is proper for a cat that swims .
    Yes , Catfish it shell be . At least for me , i think it is a very cute name .

    • well i shall call her ” PINTA” after columbus ship that survived many perils at sea. It also means Spotted or various colors in spanish. Catfish is cute though.

  36. The kitty’s name should be “Sirena” (Italian for mermaid). God bless you for caring enough.


  37. I hope the people are not feeding the kitty tuna for humans as that can be toxic to cats.

  38. I suggest she be named Amelia. To my way of thinking she’s the reincarnation of Amelia Aerhardt , the aviatrix. Long-lost, but a true survivor, this feline embodies the theory that hope springs eternal.

  39. Stormy or Splash

  40. I do like the suggestion “Molly.”

    My recommendations would be:

    Captain Kitt



    Bonnie Voyage*

    * I do like Bonnie Voyage. :-)

  41. I hope the “Gov. Island” kitty is having a good sleep. Don’t forget the Friskies. What does she like to eat by the way?

  42. Tossing out a few names:

    1. Keto (ancient sea goddess)
    2. Seacora (tender hearth of the sea)
    3.. Starkist (yes, tuna)

  43. A lady who can SWIM!!!! And she has style and sass….

  44. Please, please, keep her safe now.. she has already endured more than imaginable! If she can be kept inside, I’m sure she would appreciate it!! I have never known a feline that didn’t have a great spirit!!!

    Kudos and a big loving MEOW!! to you for making a big deal of this wonderful kitty!!

  45. Has anyone tried scanning her for a microchip? Some places still only check around the neck region, but they have been known to migrate into strange places (tummy, leg..). Whatever you do, do not let her end up at animal control please! Check out the USDA’s guidelines for picking up stray cats & euthanizing (more than 70%!!!!!). I’ll never understand why they keep picking them up if they’re already overcrowded?! They have a better chance out in the wild. Let’s get that statistic to change!

    • Yea!!!! SPAY your cat !!! The few bucks it costs will ultimately save the lives of thousands of cats euthanized yearly!!

  46. “yez”? as somebody wrote under her picture? This cat thinks she owns the place but a collar with her nametage could be nice too. Then again, cats don’ t give a hoot. She is safe and sound and that is what counts. Time to make a poll for the most names put forth, 1 on 10? and everybody makes a vote before midnight or any other hour. Oui?

    • NO NO NO!!! She deserves a GREAT name. most of these duplicate names are corny, unimaginative and BORING!!! Given your plan she’ll end up w/ Kitty or worse , Whiskers. Select a board of diverse people,narrow down to 10 , then let the public decide. Otherwise you have an unfair American Idol system.Computers sending in the same dumb name w/alias email address.

  47. Don’t give this kitty to anyone who “had to euthanize” their cat. Being ill is NOT a capital crime. If kitty is not claimed, call her “The Guv” or “Captain” and make her the Island harbormaster. Or name her “Tama” after her look-alike in Japan, who was made a Stationmaster of the Wakayama Electric Railway Company and so increased tourism that she pulled the railroad out of financial crisis. (Google “Stationmaster Tama” on Wikipedia) Love to kitty from California!

  48. How about LAZARUS…she has risen from what could have been her watery grave to live anew! I pray for her to be reunited with her family.

  49. How about Cali as she is a calico?

  50. Oona…Celtic for “white wave”

  51. what about Annie for Lil orphan Annie??

  52. You could call her Salty

  53. I vote for Governess

  54. How about JerSea

  55. I like Paddlepaws…!!1

  56. When I worked in Jersey City near Liberty Park, my friend and I always walked the park. There were usually stray cats and sometimes kittens living in the rocks, people fed them too. I wonder if she was one of these cats. Thanks for listening and thanks for taking care of her so well, hope she gets a great home.

  57. I think the cat should be named Ellis as this can either be a boy or girl name and means kind, benevolent, my God is the Lord and Emily Bronte used it as her surname when writing. Ellis for boy and Ellias for girl. Thank you. Wonderful story for this Easter Season and our world as it is today.
    I do not know what to put in Website listed above, sorry. I a dummy with computers. LOL

  58. GiGi sounds perfect for Her….

  59. Tuna does not contain significant amounts of vitamin E, for example, so too much of the fish can lead to vitamin E deficiency, resulting in yellow fat disease, or steatitis. Symptoms include loss of appetite, fever and hypersensitivity to touch, due to inflammation and necrosis of fat under the skin. Felines who are fed too much tuna can develop other nutrient deficiencies, too, because most de-boned fish are lacking in calcium, sodium, iron, copper and several other vitamins.

    Mercury, frequently present in tuna, also presents a potential danger. “At low levels, this may not be a concern,” explains Bough, “but if tuna is fed nearly exclusively, it could pose significant problems.”

    The bottom line? Please buy some premium commercial food for domestic cats. These foods are formulated to meet all of a cat’s dietary needs.

    Other foods that are poisonous to cats:
    apricot, cherry, peach pits, almonds, apple seeds
    cooked bones
    chocolate, coffee, tea
    grapes and raisins
    macadamia nuts
    milk ***some cats are lactose intolerant
    onion and garlic
    yeast dough

    It is always a good idea to check with your vet before giving your cat food which is meant for human consumption, just to be on the safe side.

  60. Maybe call her Neko Neko meaning kitty cat in Japanese. She looks just like the stray cats in Japan and her story reminds me that there were alot of cats probably just like her washed out to sea but maybe not as lucky to find their way back to shore.Either way glad she is alive and safe :)

  61. I suggest either “Siggy” or “Sigmund” after the seaweed-covered sea monster from the ’70s TV show.

  62. I used to have a cat just like that when I was a kid. her name was bon bon cause she looked like a box of bon bon candies

  63. Don’t feed her tuna, get her regular cat food. Too much tuna is bad for a cat.

  64. Another suggestion I have is PEARL.

  65. I think she should be named JOY – because she is obviously bringing a great deal of it to everyone.

  66. I think she should be named JOY – because she is obviously bring a great deal of it to everyone.

  67. I has to be Salty, what else coud it be.

  68. Molly brown

    The unsinkable one.

  69. Several names came to me, but I immediately realized they were names used by Nasa in the past. The next thought was “Seashell”, which includes her colors. There are many good names here already. The most ingenious was GINY for Gov Island New York. It could also be short for Ginger, that has been named. Salty she was, and still has the pure white color. The best name meaning Mermaid is Sirena, she seems very ‘serene’.

    • I do hope you first check out those who may be missing a cat, before fully adopting her. Does she respond at all to the name Chloe? The folk from Pennsylvania sound like it may belong to them. They are along a major highway, and cats in strange homes, will get away and try to go home. High waters and rivers from anywhere, may have swept her east/south.

  70. after reading through all the suggestions i still think Callie (along with some others), should be her name

    • I think the name Captain Cappacuino would be anawesome name as she looks like a Cappacuino kitty cat w/all her colors. Cappacuino comes in a variet of colors & flavors & this kitty looks like a real Captain Cappacccuino.

  71. “Happy.” That’s my suggestion.

  72. How about “Sandra”? The governor of New York is dating (according to Wikipedia) Sandra Lee a Food Network host. Afterall, it is called “Governor’s Island”.

    • WHO CARES????? What do we do when he dumps the cook for a model??? However TYRA is better than Sandra!!!

  73. call her “Flotsam” because shae floated on a piece of driftwood

  74. Please do not feed this – or any kittie – fish. They love it (I love Cheetos, too), but it is very bad for them!

  75. ARIEL – like ‘the little mermaid’

  76. The kitty is a survivor. She is a Jersey Girl.

  77. how about destiny-means fate,fortune
    or chauncy- good fortune or felice- happy lucky
    i think this cat looks like a chauncy and calios are
    usually female so maybe miss chauncy

  78. For her bravery sailing the high seas, I say Columbia…after Columbus.

    Or, name her after one of his ships…Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.

    • I posted “PINTA” yesterday. besides the ship it also means spotted / various colors in spanish. (pinto beans)

  79. Why not Castaway? Or Mermaid.

  80. Thomasina

  81. The name “Naamah,” the traditional Jewish name for Noah’s wife might be appropriate since she survived the (New Jersey) Flood.

  82. My kitty name suggestion is ” Yosey” combination of New York and Jersey.

  83. “Pinta” after the ship that survived a treacherous journey. Means spotted various colors in spanish.

    • I have to say that Pinta would be the perfect fit as she is spotted and survived the a like rough journey. Alot of the other names are really good, but I have to say Pinta fits very well it gets my vote !

      • yes Julie I think it is a fine strong respectable name that she deserves!! Poor little angel.I hope she stays on the island ‘I would take a trip from Fl. just to meet her.However,what to do w/ my very jealous ,possessive Poodle?

  84. We think “Lucky” would be a great name.
    Other suggestions:
    Lady Liberty
    Cali (Calico)
    Agat (Ah-gat) – Cat in Italian :)

  85. One thing is sure…. this is one loved kitty with great survival techniques. Hope she finds a name. Frankly, I hope she stays on Governors Island…. her Island!!! Best to all on the blog. We’ll get through this some how….

  86. How about “Gilligan”?

  87. If the owner is not found i pay to have her –and give her a good home in west virgina —

  88. Liberty

    for the other Lady who rises out of the Harbor

    • PINTA after the Columbus ship that faced many perils at sea. PINTA means spotted/various colors !! Perfect.

  89. I like Ishmael or Ahab from “Moby Dick”.

  90. call her ARIEL – from ‘The Little Mermaid’ ; )

  91. Good Morning,

    We read an article about your Calico kitty and would like to offer cover all her medical expenses (health check, spay, vaccines, blood work) at One Love Animal Hospital. We are located at 317 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Please let me know how we may be of assistance.

    One Love,

    Ken Humphreys, DVM
    One Love Animal Hospital

    • You are a good man Ken. You obviously have not lost your passion that drove you to all the hard years of study in a honorable profession. Sadly, we don’t see that in many vets anymore. The $$$ has taken over. Good for you Ken- keep up the work.

  92. It has to be one word in my opinion…. trying again…not very good but what the hec… kooky….

  93. I like the Calypso suggestion. Great meaning. (Missi Simpson)

  94. duh! NEMO =)

  95. How about Floatilla for her name?

  96. I am not sure if this posted the first time-But I think the cat should be named ‘gigi’….abbreviation for ‘governors island’…

  97. I think “Mollie” would be appropriate, as she is strong, tenacious, and unsinkable!!!!!

  98. magic….magically appeared from the sea…like a note in abottle

  99. Cat could be named ” wetback Dolly”

    as she was wet all over even her back.

  100. I am a fan of the following names for the cat:
    – Flo (short for Float)
    – Princess Cassie (short for Castaway)
    – Seaweed
    – Fancy
    – Or, Matty

  101. I like the name JLOVE for all of the love Jersey has shown this kittie!

  102. I agree Salty Seadoo is most fitting. Great kitty

  103. Grendel. Because she is a tenacious little monster.

  104. There is only one possible name for that cat.
    She was a survivor of the water and it would be nice salute to the Coast Guard who occupied that island while serving the city for so long. I have fond memories of being stationed there.
    Semper Paratus.

  105. Genevieve is a fine and fitting name for her. It translates to “white wave” in Celtic.

  106. i love that cat, please give her a good home, she is so lucky, i would take her in a heart beat. i live in kansas, but, would make the trip just to get her. i have 4 cats, and all of them are blessed with anything they want. i would name her Le’ling, only if i don’t get her home with me.

  107. This is a great story. Calico cats are almost always female so a girls name would be best. Any one of all of the names that have been suggested so far would be great and show lot’s of thought . If her family, if she has one, is not located what will happen to this brave little kitty ? Will she be allowed to remain on the island as a permanent resident ? I hope so. My husband went to school on Governors Island and lived there in 1970 when he was in the Coast Guard (go Charlie Gulf !!) .

    • My kids decided on buttermilk, as part of the island’s history, she is now part of a story that continues

  108. I read in another article that the staff is feeding her tuna. Please don’t do that, unless it’s cat food formula! Tuna is very bad for cats. Ask the vet, if he hasn’t already told you this.

    Thanks for your loving care for this cat survivor!

  109. Paradise was a wonderful cat who looked just like this owner and April 21 was the one year anniversary of her death.

  110. Call her Hope.
    As in, “Hope Floats.”

  111. Call her Ishmael

  112. How about Paradise for a name?? She has certainly found it with you. Very lucky little love-bug.

  113. I believe Jersey Drifter would be a great name for the cat.

  114. She made it with out sinking, the unsinkable Molly Brown! American socialite, philanthropist, and activist who became famous due to her involvement with the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic.

    My vote: Ms. Molly Brown

  115. what about castaway i named my cat ash cause she looked like she rolled around in ashes when she was a kitten and my dog is daph friend named her cause he said she had the same color eyes like daph from scobby doo. or how about three tone cause of her colors we had a neighborhood cat that looks just like her that we called three tone.

  116. In regards to the mysterious cat, perhaps it was on some floating debris from the Japanese earthquake and somehow made it to the shores of New York? May sound farfetched as it should be California where it wound up but stranger things have happened.

  117. Cordelia, Dorie, Hali and Maren all mean “of the sea” or “from the sea”. Please pat the kitty for me.

  118. I like Ester, Henrietta Hudson, Molly Brown, Spitz, Aphrodite (water goddess), Marina…

  119. I looking threw the names and notice seaweed. And that was the first name that came to my mind.
    Also liked Wilson.

  120. how about Governess Jersey……or better yet Queen Governess Jersey being as how it is obvious that she rules the roost on the island as if it is her own country :)

  121. How about Miranda after the daughter of the shipwrecked Prospero in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest?”

  122. How about Miranda? Like the young daughter of Prospero in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest?” Of maybe, even, Tempest. ( I like Miranda better, though.)

  123. sealass

  124. Pfelps



  125. If it is male Gilligan and if it is female Ginger.

  126. I think you should name her Persephone, after the Greek goddess who went to hell and back and lived to tell the tale.

  127. Again, I vote for a “Gilligan”s Island” theme..Ginger Grant or Minnow (S.S.Minnow)

  128. Can I have her, adopt her?

  129. Call her “Swimma” cute cat !!

  130. Since she probably made her way across Buttermilk Channel from Brooklyn, I would like to propose the name Buttermilk.

  131. Kinda obvious, “Jersey Girl”

  132. I think she should be named Liberty She over came all odds to survive with dignity

  133. Definately “Gilliagan” !

  134. There seems to be only one name that fits the cat to a tee – “Mayday”.

  135. Hiw abour Ariel, like the little mermaid?

  136. How about “Jersey” for a name. Whenever she hears her name it will always remind her she’s in a better place.

  137. She landed on Governor Island and looks like she can rule it too! How about Governess? It is a She so Governor sounds too male. I hope she gets to stay on the island. My husband works at a private school and they have a cat that showed up a mess one day and has been a daily fixture at the school for the last 3 years! Sometimes they just find where they need to be and I think Governor’s Island needs a cat!

  138. How about Cordelia, which is Celtic for “of the sea”.

  139. I’d have to go with “Salty” or Lady Gov…

  140. Call her Liberty or Mayflower!

  141. My name for Cat,” NOMO SNOOKIE” (No More Snookie) That cat has had enough of her, and that Stupid Show.

  142. my first thought was Salty

  143. I’m proudly owned by my four rescues, Hunni (yellow Lab), and my cats, Gizmo, Widget and String Bean. I hope that one of the staff eventually adopts Callie and treats her like the princess she is. She is beautiful!God bless you for being such animal lovers!

  144. She is a beautiful kitty….her name should be “Jersey Schwimmer”

  145. Salty, Ariel (little mermaid), Jersey,

    Although most cats hate water, adult cats are good swimmers. The fishing cat is one wild species of cat that has evolved special adaptations for an aquatic or semi-aquatic lifestyle – webbed digits. Tigers and some individual jaguars are the only big cats known to go into water readily, though other big cats, including lions, have been observed swimming. A few domestic cat breeds also like swimming, such as the Turkish Van. In an unpublished research carried out 2002 at the University of Bern (Switzerland), Bender & Hirt showed that the Turkish Van has less inhibition to enter in shallow water compared to another breed, the Russian Blue. This behavior can be partially explained by the character of the Turkish Van, who seems to be more curious and enterprising than other cat breeds

  146. Ariel would be a good name. Like the Disney Princess. I think this cat must have been part mermaid to have made it so far!!! : ) !

  147. I think you should call her Aurora. The name is latin and means “Dawn”, and a few of the greek numerology characteristics for this name are; strength, optimism, spontinuity, carefulness, compassion, caring, and civilised behavior. Considering what the poor cat has been through, the way it chose to absolutely survive that situation, and remain as warm and sweet and receptive to people as it is, I believe the name Aurora is best suited, because once it reached the shore, it did honestly receive a new “dawning” or chapter in its life it would have never seen unless it had the strength to hang in there and the determination to make it. Hope that helps in your search for a name, and bless all of you for taking that cat into your hearts, and providing it with so much love that is phenominal!!

  148. Hi, I’m a Cats Painter and I’ll love to do this swimmer cat painting, please if you don’t mind, send me a high resolution close up picture, I want to donate this artwork to the Governors Island Park.

    My suggestion for his name is “Michael P” in honor of Michael Phelps: He is a holder of world records in a number of events. Amongst his achievements are the 8 medals he won at the Summer Olympics of 2004 held in Athens, of which 6 were gold. He was named the World Swimmer of the Year in 2003, 2004, 2006, and 2007 and he is from Jersey!!.

  149. How about April for a name? She was found in April, after all. :-)

  150. How about “Lucky”?

  151. Defintely Governor. Lady Governor. She deserves a truly royal name after that long harrowing swim.

  152. Gillian is a good name or Governor .He soon will own that land and ask only for love

  153. How about Castaway, Cassie for a nickname.

  154. Call her “Jersey Girl” or “Josie” for short!

  155. Cat name ( Olympia)

  156. the cast away kitty’s name is calli may shore. please keep her safe she went to you because she knew where she was meant to be so dont push her away she has a purpose there and soon enough it will be know to you all. god bless you all for having her in your presents.

    annonymous cat lover

  157. How about “Lucky”

  158. Ginger, like on Gilligans Island. She does not look like a Mary Ann.

  159. Since she swam off of Jersey Shore, me and my son think she should be named “Snookie”!
    -we love it, it’s perfect!

  160. I like the name of “SEAWEED” She seems to be saying, “That’s the last time I’m going to take that route”

  161. I think you should name her “HOPE” because hope means the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. And I have to say this little Kitty is definitely A positive outcome to what could have happened with her. Plus it give a lot of people hope as well to see such a great amount of love and care towards her from other people.

  162. Calypso or Cory. (Cory = type of catfish)
    Either way, She is purrfect. Plus a 3 colored cat is supposed to be lucky.

    • I like this one too…I never heard of the three color cat being Lucky…But maybe that’s it! Lucky is her name! and she certainly is lucky to be alive!

      Might I ask, what tradition does the belief come from? (three colored cat being lucky/)

  163. What else but “Old Salt” would do, after all she has been in the sea maybe a 7 seas, LOL, a good looking cat, I have two myself JJ “Jessie James” and Cookie.

  164. She can live with me ;)

  165. (Happy) That has to be one happy cat with what it went through. We all know cats hate water. Happy is a great name.

  166. Ariel should be her name. It’s feminine (she is a pretty cat) and short and reflects her coming up out of the water. It’s nice enough that someone adopting her might even keep it.

  167. She looks IDENTICAL in markings to a calico cat we just lost named Callie (we have photos); we would be very happy to adopt this cat and care for her the rest of her life.

    • I say leave her where she landed!! She will have a Queens life there and deserves it after her horrific past.People will go there just to meet her, she will support herself on all the new income she will bring to the island! Trust fund !!!

  168. how about our forever beloved ester williams, olympian gold medalest turned movie star, for kitty’s namesake.

  169. Patches is soooo She looks like a patches to me hehe

  170. Great story I think Salty would be a good name for the kitty

  171. I had a cat that looks very much like this cat too. If she has extra toes, I have an amazing story. My cats name was Mitsy and we called her momma.
    I like Salty for the name. But Lucky Kitty is more like it. Our Surviver!

  172. i think “Fish” !!! Or “Tiger Fish” of course “Cat Fish”
    i will take care of this Cat !!

  173. May I suggest ‘Sirena’ — Its Italian for mermaid

  174. Sea Sea…. or CC . Cute?!

  175. Ses Sea or CC dor seaweed! Qute?

  176. I suggest Governess.

  177. Tuna is bad for cats. It’s not they’re natural prey (although this one may have acquired a taste while swimming). Feed the cat chicken instead.

  178. How about Lady Liberty since it seems she wanted to be free from where ever it was she came from!

  179. Can you keep everyone updated with her status of finding her family.

  180. She is Lucky to have survived. And Lucky that she is being cared for and loved. I think Lucky would be a good name.

  181. She is Lucky to have survived. And she is Lucky that she is being cared for and loved. I think Lucky would be a good name.

  182. How about Molly for “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” who survived the sinking of The Titanic. Her famous saying was, “I ain’t down yet!! There ain’t nothing that can get me down! I’ll NEVER say uncle!”

  183. everyone wondering if she is male or female look at her colors a three colored cat, called a calico is always a female and the obvious name a sweet calico like her could have is Callie

  184. This isn’t original I know, I’ve totally stolen it from the web, but, I thinks it fits “Salty”

  185. Captain Seaweed would be a good name lol

  186. this is in regards to the cat that swam to your island If for any reason she is needing a home I would be happy to take her in I live in tennesse and would be more than happy to pay for her transportation she is a very lucky cat and a stuborn one at that and seems to deserve a home where she can be spoiled rotten and I am willing to offer her that I am an avid animal lover having several animals already but she is worth it so if you find her in need of a good home please feel free to e mail me at

  187. Drifter!

  188. Lady GovGov, of course!

  189. […] message on the island’s website reads that “any information that leads her back to her family is appreciated.” In the […]

  190. how about captain?

  191. I’m so happy you guys help this cat and appreciate whatever she does. She is a very brave and AMAZING CAT! May God bless you and please make sure that Bravey Calico Cat darling here is well fed and well taken care of. With Love, Cheers With Dimples, Natalie

  192. why not governer? it was found on governor island right?why not govener?

  193. Is she declawed? & neutered? She looks just like my snickers! I lost a few years ago!

  194. why not govener? it went to governors island right? so why not governer.

  195. I think this kitty should be named Mona Lisa…or Mona or Lisa because The Mona Lisa has been a mystery
    since the 16th century. Glad she has a home!


  196. Well,since she swam to an island, how about Island for her name? You could call her Isly,Isli, or Islie, however you want to spell it, for short. All pronounced as eye-lee of course. It represents her situation, it’s different, and it’s cute!

  197. is there a number to adopt him?????????

  198. How about Salty!?

  199. the cat you found sure looks alot like my cat chloe she went missing 5 weeks ago from reynoldsville pa. we did not know what had happened to her she is declawed inher front paws we have a picture on cell phone of her. in oct. she will be 8 years old I don’t know how she could have gotten that far if in fact she is our missing cat

    • just like my mom(Brenda Bojalad) said, that looks EXACTLY like Chloe, she literally went missing about 5 weeks agofrom my hometown in Reynoldsville PA. If it is her we think someone either picked her up on the side of the road and dropped her off , or some how she got into a dumpster that was transported over state lines .If anyone at the office could please call me or my mother regarding this because we are almost 100 % that this is her. please call , we miss her! 814-590-9042 or 814-653-8747 !

  200. cassie or swimmer

  201. You should name the cat peddles or Aqua, those seem like cute names

  202. How about naming her Mermaid. She is sort of a cat/fish. LOL.

  203. All of you are incredibly wonderful people in taking good care of this little sweetheart! NYers have come up w/some great choices for her name: Gilligan, Governor Cataki cracks me up…here’s another for consideration – Nautica “Naughty” for short.

  204. This is an amazing story. It’s great that you’re helping this pretty girl. Hopefully she can find a permanent forever home :)

  205. name her if its a her Coventina it mean water goddess, if its a boy name him Moses which means saved from the water… I like them both I hope you can find his or her owners

  206. Bless her little heart. She is beutiful and cute. I hope she finds a good home with a nice and well mannered family that apdots her and takes care of her forever how long she lives for in her cat life. Jesus is protecting you sweetheart. Jesus loves you very much sweetheart and he will never let anything happen to you ever sweetheart. Jesus is keeping you safe where ever you are sweetheart and he is watching and keeping you safe and protecting you sweetheart every where you go and every place you go and everything you say and do sweetheart. He loves you so much sweetheart. He will love you forever and ever and ever sweetheart. He’s in your special little heart sweetheart. Love you. Love Lilley N Redman. Your Special Friend.

  207. It’s sweet that everyone wants to give this brave little cat a home, but I urge you to go to your local shelter if you have room for a new pet. If this pet has found a home a Governor’s Island, why not give a home to another kitty in need of shelter? Also, since people want to donate funds for cat food (which I’m sure you have plenty of for one cat) how about setting up a fund in her name to support the island and the local humane society?

  208. samantha please call the cat that iam phil and she got there like magic and please iam phil please call her that i was in a jet ski accdent and she need that name thank you your buddie phil

  209. She puts the “Cat” in catfish! Thanks for taking care of the sweet lil’ kitty!

  210. Did the cat jump or was she pushed? For sure the savior of the kitty might have been flotsam – a floating remnant of a sunken vessel. But, perhaps more likely, the kitty could have rode in on jetsam – items washed ashore after having been deliberately thrown into the water. There is way more junk in our waters which arrives there by being tossed from ships, or from shore, than could conceivably result from shipwrecks.

  211. I say, name her Molly.
    Like the Unsinkable Molly Brown, who survived the sinking of the Titanic 99 years ago this month.
    She’s seems awfully sweet. I hope things work out for her.

  212. The cat should be named Stormy. What a lucky cat!

  213. M.V. (Meow Voyager)

  214. Love Govneror and Ester but how about
    Florence the Floater and call her FLO-FLO

  215. […] Via: Governors Island Blog […]

  216. […] Via: Governors Island Blog […]

  217. You guys restore my hope in humanity!! Bless your kind hearts for caring for this little lady.
    I have a feeling that a family somewhere across the shore are missing their little girl.
    She strikes me as 5ish, Eager to hear what the vet finds. Hopefully a microchip.
    Thank you once again for having a heart!

  218. Sign that cat up for the next swim around Manhattan. And shouldn’t the name be obvious? “Guv’nor.” Say that with a tug of the forelock.

  219. My previous comment indicates that it was posted at 6:49 PM instead of 3:49 PM. Fix your clock !!

  220. How about naming her Madge, which is short for
    Her Majesty Queen of the New York Harbor !



  221. How about Esther (for Esther Williams)? Esty for short

  222. How about Esther? (for Esther Williams, our famous swimming star). Esty for short

  223. G*d bless her sweet, little heart. Eight lives left!

  224. What will happen to this kitty?
    are U going to find her a good home?

  225. If kitty needs a home please consider me to adopt the calico kitty who swam to shore. My 14-year-old calico had to be euthanized this past week and I would love to give this kitty a new home.
    thanks for the consideration.
    Joan Lawrence

  226. Amazingly beautiful cat survives the trip to Governors Island. If no one claims her she could rid the Island of rats, mice and other vermin. Thanks for posting an uplifting story.

  227. will this kitty be put up for adoption if no one claims her?

  228. […] to the Governors Island Blog, the cat may have caught a ride on some flotsam after being swept into a river during the recent […]

  229. I think an official naming contest is in order! Invite all New Yorkers to come up with the coolest cat name for the island’s official mouser! She is sweet looking and I bet she will bring good luck to all who reside upon or visit the island .

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