Help Name Our Kitty!

The cat is making itself at home in our offices, but now she needs a name!

We have received many calls and emails about the cat that found her way to Governors Island over the weekend. The cat is doing great and is making herself at home around the office and the Island.

We realize that this cat needs a name! We remembered that one of the most popular areas of the Island, Picnic Point, was named by one   of our blog readers, so we are again turning to all of you for your ideas.

Give us your suggestions for her name!

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2,285 Responses

  1. I think “Destiny” is a great name for her.

  2. […] of what to name her. Picnic Point is now one of the Island’s most popular spaces and Molly Brown is one of NYC’s most popular […]

  3. Georgia wants the cat to be named coco
    and i want the cat to be named babby or princessese or girley or Manda or sweatie

  4. I thingk the cat should be named babby or princesse or girley or Manda Georgia thingks the cat should be named coco

  5. You should name her Splash or Heart

  6. I think she should be named “OPRAH because she was the”QUEEN of Daytime Television for 25 years !!

  7. how about Angel because they said shes friend and sweet so she must be an angel!

  8. I’m with the crowd screaming “Salty.”

  9. Mrs. Thurston Howell III (TV Show Gilligan’s Island)

  10. Well since she “washed up on shore”…anything Gilligan’s Island works. “Maryann, or Minnow or Ginger”

  11. Butter Milk

  12. My entry for naming the cat is “The Governor”, Gov for short. She will surely claim the island as her own now that she’s landed.

  13. Molly, or Octopussy.

  14. HRH Miss Pontoon Puffpaw Skittle Puss
    And that should be her name!

  15. Luck, lucky, lucky… Lucky Lily or… lucky lucy, lucky lulu, but definitely Lucky. :0)

  16. Our Sunday School in Edinburgh Scotland was asked to suggest a name for your kitty and they chose – Sheba, a royal visitor from the south. They are keen to know if there is a prize for the successful entry

  17. How about “Sandy”, “Salty” or “Stormy”

  18. I would have named her “Governor” or “Governess” or “Trooper”

  19. sweet and sassy minnow— the S.S. Minnow get it?!

  20. I like Molly! I think it’s the best. It just fits her!!! =D

  21. I think you should name her “SALTY”.

  22. Esther Williams – after the famous American competitive swimmer and MGM superstar- also if no one claims her I’d be happy to offer her a new home with me.

  23. I am writing for Russ Fusco. He strongly suggests you name this lovely cat “Nitty Gritty”; a fitting tribute to a corageous cat!

  24. I also like “Meowzer”, & “Kitty Witty” . Captain Queeg”
    (keep us posted) meow..

  25. “Cats are a mysterious sort of folk” (Sir Walter Drake), I love this cat story. My frist choice is the obvious, “SALTY”, “Cutty Sark”, Catfish Hunter, Seabee, Seamaid, Sassafras, Chowder, & Houdini.
    Others I’ve seen & liked, “Keeper” “Gilligan” “Wilson”

  26. Taffy (you know, salt water taffy) or Salty

  27. How about Sunny or Patches.

  28. Cassie – for cast away

  29. I have a another name…Mira Calico. The word miracle plus the fact that she is a Calico. It’s a miracle that she survived the ocean.

  30. El Gato Marinero. (The Sailor Cat).

  31. How about:
    Pagganck or Wouter? Will make people ask about it and it’s a great way to then start a conversation on the history of the island.

  32. I already thought of these but was away fr my computer. I agree
    SALTY, or
    GERTIE for Gertrude Ederle
    Molly is too common for her. I hope she continues to have a happy life,, she deserves it!!!!

  33. I love the name Jessica simply because I think it would be a beautiful name for beautiful kitty.

    I also love the name Catherine – after the new princess.

  34. Ok – I love the name Jessica – only because its a really pretty name for a really pretty kitty!

    Also love Catherine – after the new princess…

  35. Lady WaWa.

  36. As an animal lover, it warms my heart to know this little kitty survived a presumably scary journey during the storm from her home all the way to Governor’s Island. I am grateful that the staff found her and is taking such good care of her.

    Since the island of Manhattan was acquired from the Native American Lenape tribe in 1626, I think it would be historically relevant to give her a name that is derived from the Lenape language. Here are a number of my favorites, including the Lenape word and the English translation:

    Nahiwi: “Down the water”
    Menatey: “Island”
    Sipo: “River”
    Nianque: “A wild cat”
    Allowat: “Strong and mighty”
    Matschalan (Could call her Matschi): “To bring someone home”

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate in naming this little beauty!

  37. di Suvero

    It’s an appropriate and artsy name.

  38. I think she should be called “Esther” for the famous swimmer movie star Esther Williams. Shes a great swimmer and she looks great on camera.

  39. Mirai – means miracle
    Cats love the sound i or e for some reason, so a meaningful name with multiple i or e would be nice.

  40. I think the Kitty’s name should be


    I am so glad this cat has a happy ending to her scary journey.

  41. ISLAND GIRL or Governess

  42. I think the name should be Phelps. She sounds like Olympic material.

  43. How about “MISTY?”

  44. Governess!

  45. How about calling her MS. GILLIGAN since she washed ashore and made herself at-home in her new surroundings.

  46. How about naming the kitty Float?

  47. Kali



  48. Windy sounds like a good name-the wind brought her there

  49. How about “Lovey”? or “Lovie”? Wasn’t that the name of Mrs. Howell on Gilligan’s Island?

  50. I think Meara (meer+a) would be perfect . It is Irish for Sea. Or Murienn (mur+in)..Irish for Sea Fair.

  51. “Robin Crusoe” !!! Robin, because she’s a girl. :)

  52. Name the kitty G.I. (Governor’s Island/Gone Incognito). This fits kitty to a “T”.

  53. Gertie of course – for Gertrude Ederle

  54. Tyche is the goddess of luck, destiny and fortune in Greek mythology. I think that is appropriate for this kitty.

  55. MOLLY! unsinkable!

  56. How about Nami.

    Nami is Japanese word for wave, and also a girl’s name. I thought it because Calico cat is very poplular in Japan. Take off “tsu” from “tsunami” and it becomes less threatening.

  57. This cat had to have had a horrendous trip to the Island. She never would have made it if she didn’t have SPIRIT. I am submitting SPIRIT for consideration for her name.

  58. FLOTSAM. She has washed up on the shore.

  59. Name her JOY, because she is obviously bringing so much joy to everyone on Governor’s Island!

  60. Nutten Salty

  61. I love the name “Calypso”, very sea-worthy.

  62. Aphrodite was born from the sea… she was the goddess of love!! <3

  63. patches

  64. i think patches should be her name she looks like one too!

  65. Paddlepuss

  66. Bravery is a good name.

  67. Saltina or Briny

  68. Name her after famous castaway MaryAnne or Ginger !

  69. She is a castaway ! Name her MaryAnne or Ginger !

  70. How about Governess?

  71. Hi. Your new Kitty is beautiful. She looks likes a Nixie which means “water nymph” in German….

    Hi Nixie!!! Whatever you decide I am so glad you have given this little lady a home!

  72. Name her “LUCKEE”. Because she was LUCKEE enough to find all you fine hoomans to help her and make her the island mascot. Way to go “LUCKEE”!!!!

  73. Call her ‘Buttermilk’ after the channel that separates the Island from Brooklyn.

  74. Amelia Earhart braved the open skies. This little girl braved the sea. we should call her AMELIA.

  75. Let’s name her “ELLY”. Ellis Island is not far away and she seems to be one of the huddled masses who yearned to be free – and she found freedom on Governor’s Island :-)

  76. Piper
    Marin (from the Latin Marinus, of the sea)
    Miss Amelia Merriweather
    Morgan (Welsh -circling sea)
    Asherah (she who walks in the sea)

  77. I would have to say she should be named either Gilligan (because she is a castaway), or Molly. I had a calico named Molly who was the sweetest kitty and so funny.

  78. My vote is for Unsinkable Molly Brown, and just Molly for short. She looks sweet and kind and Molly is a sweet and kind name. Thank you for keeping her and caring for her. Such a nice heartwarming story amongst so many that are not. God Bless you all!

  79. She might like to be called Calypso

  80. my name for the kitty is “Governess”

  81. Some names for Wee One,,,#1– Destiny,,because it was hers,,,,#2– Aino,, meaning “the only one” ( Is she the only cat there?) #3– Asherah meaning “She Who Walks From The Sea” & #4– Muirgen,,meaning “Born Of The Sea” . You have been presented with hundreds of names from Greek mythology, to everyday names,,,I am Sure She Will Be Blessed With Whatever Name is Chosen For Her,,,,Good Luck !!

  82. I think she should be named “Calypso” since she came out of the sea!

  83. Seaweed

  84. I was stationed here at Tango Pier on the Tamaroa. The Tamaroa is the only ship to have sunk at the Tango Pier. Those who were stationed on the Tamaroa called her “Tam”. So I suggest you call her “Tam”.

  85. Corki (as in cork floats)

  86. how about GOVERNOR/

  87. As much as I like my suggestion of “Seabiscat,”

    “Mollly” for the unsinkable Molly Brown is better.

  88. I like Ariel like the Little Mermaid.

  89. She should be named “Salty!”

  90. Patches….She is simply patchwork perfection.

  91. Jersey

  92. how about naming her Toughy she is one tough cat to survive what she did

  93. Myself and the five cats that I live with held a meeting concerning this matter,and after looking through the names of sea goddess’s,heroic and historic figures,we decided after examining her photo that she would really prefer being addressed as “Ms. Kitty”

  94. I think she should be named Hope

  95. Bethany, after Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton.

  96. My suggestion is are:


  97. NORI
    means seaweed in japanese.
    she was found with seaweed and nori is a cute name for the cat.

  98. I think Mermaid would be an excellent name!

  99. Ariel, after the LIttle Mermaid….

  100. I think Sailor would be a good name since she sailed her way to safety . I also like Molly Brown and Taffy as some other entries have said :)

  101. What about Fortune ??

  102. I think she should be named “Calypso” since she did come out of the sea!

  103. I think she should be named survivor

  104. Paggs, named after Pagganck, the old Indian name for Govornors island.

  105. I think she should be called “Flotsam”. Sam for short.

  106. Clearly she rules — The Governess

  107. Abigail

  108. Mona

  109. I think the kitty should be named “Shirley Seaworthy”.

  110. Name her Princess Castaway! She’ll be the crown princess of Governor Island! :)


  112. Call her ‘Ishmael’

  113. Nori, which is seaweed in Japanese. Is she going to be up for adoption if they cannot find her owners?

  114. Puma

  115. Molly as in the Unsinkable Molly Brown

  116. I think you should name her Beauty (because she’s beautiful), Island (because she swam to the island), Flower (because she’s pretty like a flower), or Callie (because she’s a calico cat).

  117. […] has a blog where readers can suggest names for the […]

  118. PATCHES

  119. Please name this beautiful calico “PATCHES”

  120. I think this brave kitty should be named Esther Williams!

  121. Esther for the biggest female swimming celebrity of all time, Esther Williams!

  122. My suggestion: Caramel.

  123. as she drifted ashore like the the castaways on Gilligan’s Island I thing Mrs Lovey Wentworth Howell would suit her just fine.
    Lovey for short

  124. I lived on the island in the mid-seventies and loved every minute. Back then it was GINYSAC, Maybe she’d like to be called “GINNY” or “GIGI”?

  125. ya’ll already named her when you said her brave little heart can have all the friskies she wants….braveheart

  126. She came from the sea so the purr-fect name for her is Seashe or Shesea take your pick they are both short and cute. They say cats answer better to names withe the E sound at the end.

  127. She came from the sea so the perfect name for her is Seashe or Shesea take your pick they are both purr-fect for her. if she is in fact a female.

  128. I think you should name him/her “Capehart.”

  129. That is me again: the name I had suggested were “Noah” for surviving and coming with the flood and also “Phelps” after the Olympic champion. A name that would fit for he or she.

  130. so brave cat… I wish call her “mermaid” !

  131. Man-Cat-Tan

  132. Meow-Meow Sabathia

  133. Spitz the cat. (As in Mark Spitz)

  134. People say a cat couldn’t/wouldn’t swim that far.

    People said Thor Heyerdahl couldn’t prove his seafaring theory either.

    Thor and the cat proved them wrong.

    Go for Kon-Tiki (KT for short), or Thor.

  135., please keep me updated!!

    • I have 2 suggestions:

      1. If she survived like they say, on a piece of driftwood how about “Rose” after Rose Dawson that survived the Titanic sinking in the movie.


      2. After the NYC Marathon Winner that recently passed away “Grete Waitz”.

    • Survivor!

  136. Molly Brown..

  137. Her name should be Willamina because she has the will to live.

  138. I think “Puddles” would be a terrific name for her.

  139. I think by the grace of GOD! her name should be gracie or graciegirl.

  140. gilligan, ginger, or maryanne after the famous tv castaways.


  142. Poor Del Gato was a cat.
    Stuck in Jersey Del Gato sat.
    Dreaming of a wilder life…meow meow meow… She took a breath and down she dived…meow meow meow.
    She swam until she reached a shore
    Where she would have to swim no more.
    Washed and fed by natives there,
    Del Gato felt their loving care.
    Life would never be the same.
    And so she needed a new name.
    For the storm that she did weather,
    They thought and thought then decided together…
    STORMY seemed to suit her best.
    And with that name she laid down to rest.
    This is where her home would be…
    Ms. Stormy for eternity!

  143. How about ‘Lovey” ? Since you say she’s such a sweet kitty. (Nickname of Mrs. Thurston Howell,III from “Gilligan’s Island”)

  144. Sunshine.

  145. Jenny for Jenny Thompson, the US Olympic swimmer who won more Gold medals than any other! She looks like a Jenny.

    But I do like other suggestions like Calypso, Salina and Nori or Seaweed, too.

  146. As a former Army and Coast Guard Base that helped to secure our liberty, the Island’s close proximity to Lady Liberty, in honor of the former CG residence in Liberty Village (now Picnic Park), and for this brave kitty’s apparent search for liberty, I think it’s only fitting that she be called ‘Liberty’ or ‘Libby’ for short.

  147. Name her Kitty Hoff, after Katie Hoff, American swimmer and ’08 Olympic silver and bronze medalist

  148. Being a castaway cat ,CASTY sounds good. You can also try GOVERNESS

  149. I think you should name the cat Governess Molly Brown. She was found on Governor’s Island, and she certainly is as unsinkable as Molly Brown.

  150. I think he/she should be called Snooki as he/she came from the Jersey Shore.

  151. name him “Governor”

  152. Can we name the cat to “Y”.

    I have a cat and i named it to “X” to stands for extra, extreme and a code from someone special.

    “Y” stands for why did this happen to him? why his away from his family? and “Y” because we need an answer.

  153. Salty! Name him salty :3!

  154. Nessie…..Governor, governess, of the sea….lock ness…..Nessie:) I love it!

  155. Toonces, the cat that could swim from New Jersey.


  157. I like another poster’s suggestion of unsinkable Molly Brown.
    My contribution is Tempest.

  158. i think castaway or freedom because the cat is a castaway cat and she wanted freedom so she swam to governers island

  159. Name her MOLLY BROWN ! ( unsinkable ! )

  160. Greek godess born in the foam of the sea, the name translates as foam-risen.

  161. I’m back again. I recently suggested Posy, Ariel, Pringle, Pickle and Puddles. Some more name are:

    Lucky—>(she’s a reaaaaallll lucky cat)
    Sushi—>(covered in seaweed)
    Kaisō—> (meaning “seaweed” in Japanese)
    ZuZu—> (short for Namazu, meaning “catfish” in Japanese)
    Thunder—> one of my cats names, (your cat was in a storm)
    Lightning—> (see Thunder)
    Rayne—>she was in a storm

    I hope you find a suitable name! Please keep me informed on this mystery kitty!!

    • Please name her Governessa, since she made her way to Governor’s Island. I hope to be there this summer as well.

  162. CATamaran AL FERDYN, Clarks Summit, Pa.

  163. Robinson Cat-rusoe

  164. I think she should be named Pagganck or Paggie, after the native name of the island, which, as you know means nuts/nutty, which, anyone would be called, found swimming around New York Harbor.

  165. Govenor

  166. I would name her….Oprah Swimfree

  167. I would name her….Oprah Swimfree

  168. suggested name: Ishmael (biblical and literary)
    a wanderer and outcast
    From Moby Dick (reference to the sea and manhatten):
    Call me Ishmael. Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen, and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people’s hats off – then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they but knew it, almost all men in their degree, some time or other, cherish very nearly the same feelings towards the ocean with me.

    There now is your insular city of the Manhattoes, belted round by wharves as Indian isles by coral reefs – commerce surrounds it with her surf. Right and left, the streets take you waterward. Its extreme down-town is the battery, where that noble mole is washed by waves, and cooled by breezes, which a few hours previous were out of sight of land. Look at the crowds of water-gazers there.

  169. Zatara mean driftwood from count of monte cristo

  170. I since her journey you should name Miracle

  171. How about calling her Guv, which is a play on the island’s name and a slang word for someone who’s in charge (she looks like she’s taking charge in her latest pic!)

  172. Ms. TomCat Hanks, Cast Away

  173. call her Ishmael – and yes, I do know it’s a female, but you could call her Ish, or Ishy, for short!

  174. How about Governess? It connects really well to Governors Island…

  175. Muhheakantuck – the Lenape Indian name for the Hudson River (we can call him/her Moe for short), or just Hudson!

  176. Muhheakantuck – the Lenape Indian name for the Hudson river, or just Hudson!

  177. *Fortuna (Goddess of fortune and luck/Roman)
    *Serendiipity (Finding something you werent expecting to find)
    Other names:
    Clover (as in Lucky 4 leaf clover)
    …does anyone know how old the kitty is? She looks kind of young and is so cute, bless her little heart. I love kitties!

  178. Name her “Stormy”. She washed up in a storm!

  179. all hands barred “Govenor” definitely…

  180. I think her name should be

    M’Lady ,(a diminutive of My Lady which is a diminutive of My Ladyship) since she has taken charge of the island.
    Thomasina after the cat in the Disney movie “The 3 lives of Thomasina”

  181. Liberty

  182. I would name her Nessie, which is short for Governess.

  183. “Flipper” she must be part dolphin

  184. Salty Dog.

    cat needs catfood. tuna longterm will make cat sick — lacks cat-essential nutrients

  185. How about “Spitz” after Mark Spitz, the long-time Olympic swimmer record holder.

  186. It has to be Molly Brown. The unsinkable Molly Brown.

  187. another cool name might be deeogee or diogi as in D-O-G because cats arent notorious swimmers but dogs sure are! lol!

  188. she is such a brave little thing. how about lady or miss kitty.

  189. Haha. Snooki would be hilarious.But I think Anabell would be cute too. So would Carmelo, Willow, Izzy, Kala, Sophie, Pipi, Shasha, Taboo, or Ziggy. :)

  190. we think she should be called Floatie!!!

  191. Catfish

  192. How about “Soggy”? He was covered in so much stuff after the swimming ordeal he was soggy!

  193. i would like to give this cutie a name, SAHRGI (Swam Accross Hudson River to Governor’s Island) or Serena (mermaid) .

  194. I think her name should be G.I. Jane.

  195. Kittie (after the Kitty Hawk most famous plane in aviation history) & kitty is also a womens name.

  196. Freedom!!

  197. Esther Williams (Essie for short)

  198. TEH KITTEH!

  199. Liberty should be the cats name because any CAT that can escape New Jersey ALIVE deserves a royal name. Also she would be sharing the name of our very much loved ‘Lady Liberty ‘.

  200. I think her name should be ” SEAWEED “

  201. Suggested names for the cat:
    1. Marina
    2. Marine
    3. Oceana
    4. Shelly
    5. Sandy
    6. Coral
    7. Aqua
    8. Aquamarine
    9. Saylor
    10. Saltine

  202. Remember Gilligans Island?? Name her Maryann!!! if she was a boy I would have said Gilligan LOL….she doesn’t look like a Ginger, and she is too young to be Mrs Howell. My vote is Maryann

  203. *Shirley* as in Shirley Temple who captured millions of americans hearts.
    *Kimi* Japanese name that means she is without equal
    *Oki* Japanese name meaning in the middle of the ocean.
    *Vivica* Scandinavian. means alive.
    *Anastasia* as in the missing princess.
    *April* after the month she was found.
    *Bubbles* for obvious reasons
    **Calypso** a sea nymph that held Odysseus captive.
    *Gypsy* means adventurer
    *Karma*-so long as she is well behaved…
    *Kichi* japanese name meaning fortunate.

  204. I like molly and esther, so how about Mollyesther – you can play with the spelling….she is made of durable fabric!

  205. *Poseidon
    * Keladry

  206. You shud name her Nessie,,, like the sea monster =3!!

  207. What better name for a swimming cat than Esther? (Williams of course!)

  208. Call it “MOXY” bedcause it took some moxy to get to the island

  209. Kurt Russell (the next “Escape from” movie could be “Escape from New Jersey” starring a kitty named Kurt Russell). Mao-mao……

    • How about Ginger (one of the castaways from Gilligan’s Island OR

      Dory the fish from “Finding Nemo”

  210. How about Seashe?

  211. “Salty Lady”

  212. i’d call her
    or if your stupid and desperate call her FLUFFY

  213. Emma.

  214. I think you should name the cat….
    -sea weed
    -Hama (shore)
    What ever you name this remarkable cat Im sure it will suit her very well. Have fun takeing care of her!

  215. 1. Paddle

  216. Gertie–short for Gertrude Ederle, who was the first woman to swim the English Channel.

  217. Nemo would be an appropriate name since he/she came out of no where (it roughly translates to “no one”) and the name is also the name of Captain Nemo from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (since he/she was swimming i think an ocean related name is appropriate).

  218. How about Ginger as in Gilligan’s Island
    Or Mary Ann. :)

  219. Carrie, because she looked a mess when they found her and she was carried away in the sea!

  220. A good name is FREEDOM Ms. or Mr.

  221. How about Drifter since she drifted onto the island.

  222. Name her Coastie.

    Governors Island was a U S Coast Guard base for MANY years. Many coasties were trained in search and rescue techniques on this island. Apparently your cat took lessons.

  223. How about Tunafish
    Long Mile
    Paws of Steel (for a cat that’s a long way to swim)

    That was a nice story, I’m glad that he/she is okay. Poor Kitty must be scared out there in the ocean. Can’t blame him/her trying to get out of Jersey.

  224. Seadog

  225. Has nobody said “Storm” or “Stormy”?! Seems like a given! haha

  226. Another from Nathan in Austin, TX:
    1.) Bobblehead (Ever seen a kitty try to swim, especially a chubby kitty??)

  227. patches

  228. In honor of the opening of the island I think his name should be Bloomberg in honor of our honor Good luck kitty

  229. Since she came out of the sea, how about “Salty”.

  230. what about “Cathy”?

  231. I have a cat to who did something like that and his name is Charlie and while i love cats i think the feline’s name should be one of these choices:
    1. Mermaid
    2. Angel
    3. Samantha
    4. Cookie
    and if your desperate 5. Fluffy

  232. Ondine, after the water nymph.

    “Nori” – Japanese for seaweed.

  233. How about calling her Ariel after the Little Mermaid, or Cora meaning “of the sea” Marina, Lily (as in Water Lily) or maybe Lanney after Jack La Lanne since obviously that cat can SWIM!

  234. Taffy

  235. since she’s a calico she needs a special name, our calico has a special name so in honor of her swimming I suggest:

    Naida pronounced (Nay-Duh) – water nymph
    Nerida pronounced (Ner-i-da) – sea nymph
    Xantho pronounced (Zan-tho) – golden haired (furred) sea nymph

  236. From Kara (age 9) – “Miracle” because it’s a miracle she survived.

  237. Call her Ethel ,, for Ethel Merman the reat swmmer of the 40x

  238. Governess, since she is female & was found on Governor Island. After all she is deserving of such a grand name after what she’s been through.

    • I think her name should be Seaweed or Salina since she was covered in seaweed when she was found and since she swam in saltwater. :)

    • Governess! As the only cat on the island, she deserves a title:-).

    • Governess! As the only cat on the island, she deserves a title:-). She will be the CEO, after all….

  239. A name for the new resident might be Zosime (Greek for likely to survive, survivor). I love cat stories like this one.

  240. Here are the suggestions:
    Marissa (because if I can remember correctly that means of the sea)
    And if you don’t want names dealing with the situation,
    (just because those names are very pretty and this cat is very pretty)

    I hope you take these into concideration!!

  241. She washed up on the island because of a storm? Then how about: Tempest? She’s a beautiful cat. Good luck, kitty!

  242. I like:
    Eddy (play on the name gertrude ederle)
    She’s lucky she landed with you all. It’s good to see you are happy she is with you.

  243. The cat sould be named Sushi

  244. Jersey

  245. Hardee is a perfect name for this sweet survivor.

  246. Yea I am from Thats where I read about her. She is a lovely cat. Having an cat (or dog) makes u feel good inside…

  247. I like castaway callie

  248. Coursen :) after the beautiful ferry that brings every one to governors island :)

  249. Olive Oyl, after Popeye,s “goilfriend”, and she’s a native New Yorker

  250. Areil

  251. governess the kitten deserves her spot in the mansion

  252. Looks like Seaweed cameup as a popular name for her, which could work ~ butt… I think she loks more like a ::

    1. Polly
    2. Francine
    3. Mango
    4. Ceila
    5. Tabby
    6. Grace
    7. Baby
    8. Lucky
    9. Lexi
    10. Bambi

  253. well i can see some of you guys have the same thought as i did, i was thinking seaweed as well! so i vamped it up a little, LADY SEAWEED!!!!! good luck little kitty, whatever name is given to you i’m sure it will be well deserved.

  254. It seems ironic, but I had just finished composing this poem about a Calico Cat, so I’m dedicating it to our new little friend:

    Calico Cat
    (by Jay Flemma, 2011, channeling a little T.S. Eliot…
    And dedicated to Viola the Wonder Cat of New York City)

    Who rules the roost in a mansion or flat?
    Not some rich flounder! It’s Calico Cat!

    We humans think that we’re top of the class
    With our platters of silver and buttons of brass
    But cats have it better by leaps and by bounds
    And Calico Cat is the coolest in town!

    Calico Cat likes to listen to jazz
    (That’s wheres he gets her elan and pizzazz!)
    Classy and charming and so dignified
    Every boy kitty shouts, “Please be my bride!”

    But she has eyes only for Bobby the Fair
    (American short-hair beyond all compare)
    So Calico Cat must try hard to impress
    By minding her manners and dressing her best

    But he has a secret that I can confide…
    Another identity she tries to hide!
    Battling dogs as a superhero
    (Too bad that Bobby just can’t ever know!)

    In winter or summer, in rain, sun, or fog
    She won’t let the neighborhood go to the dogs
    She hisses and pounces and scratches at them!
    (Then runs up a tree just as fast as she can).

    Calico Cat in her Superman cape
    Swims to our shore in a daring escape!
    Then back to her life as a cat of renown
    Regal demeanor the toast of the town.

    Spreading her whiskers and cleaning her fur
    Giving her owner a satisfied purr.
    Now she luxuriates, he’s ready for
    The fruits of his labors and spoils of war
    Time for the joy in life! Time for the fun!
    Bask in a job that was jolly well done.

    Tuna fish, catnip, and sweet cream galore,
    Let her pig out and then bring her some more!
    Feeding and brushing and petting and then,
    Tomorrow she’ll do it all over again.

  255. for a girl kitty: Galene – Greek goddess of calm seas

    for a boy kitty: Skipper

  256. how about cordelia, genevieve, or morgan which means dweller of the sea.

  257. Suggested name for the Kitty; Zenith, meaning the highest point from heaven. Only a blessed cat could make such a journey.

  258. :)



    In Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” heroine Viola is shipwrecked in a storm and is the only survivor. She washes up on the shores of a strange island where she finds love and adventure and lives happily ever after!!! Just like our kitty!

    You even get a great headline – VOILA! SHE’S VIOLA!!

  260. May I suggest you name her Minerva (the Mermaid).

  261. I think you should name her Gingersnap, for her gorgeous fur!

  262. I would go with “FLIPPER”

  263. If you go to the Yahoo! News page you’ll see that many Yahoo! users have expressed a preference for the name “Salty Paddlepaws”. So I am submitting it on their behalf. .. and because I ike it too. I think it is quite perfect. Simple, Unpretensious. Very American. Very New York

    Besides, every accomplished cat should have a first and last name…

    Salty Paddlepaws!

  264. How about Calico,Sea,Miracle,Tuna or Kitty.

  265. Governess Cali.

  266. Paddles, Sweetsea (sweetsy), Splash!
    and just for fun…Hell-A-Lucky!

  267. how about gwenevier, she looks like one.

  268. She’s just beautiful. I’d call her Paisley.

  269. Suggestions from Nathan in Austin, TX:
    1.) David Swimmer (Variation on name of actor who played Ross on Friends).
    2.) Paddle Paw
    3.) Floater
    4.) Floatie
    I’ll get back with more in a bit……

  270. I think the cat should be named Tuna,Calico,Kitty,Sea or Miracle.

  271. Call her Rani

  272. I like “Starkist, kitten of the sea”

    all the way from Cali baby…

  273. I think the cat should be named Miracle,Sea,Kitty or Calico like the name of the breed.

  274. SEAWEED!!:)

  275. how about Rontu witch means brave at heart. Rontu is a good name for that cat because that cute cat is realy realy brave at heart!

    peace ‘n luv,

    • I remember that name from the book “Island of the Blue Dolphins.” I read that as a kid, more than 40 years ago. :)

  276. You should name the cutie:
    -Big Brave
    -Ninji (NinjI, not ninjA)
    I hope you consider! PS- I’m sorry some of you have to read all these suggestions! What a wipeout…

  277. Swimmer, its easy simple and telling…

  278. how about Rontu witch means Brave at heart i think Rontu is a goo name because that cat is realy brave at heart

  279. I say Ginger ( a la “Gilligan’s Island)

  280. Ariel – like the mermaid
    Dulaman (pronounced Doo-la-mon) – the Celtic word for seaweed
    TK – if you can’t come up with anything special, that is short for “The Kitty”

  281. Polly-wog. She rose up from the water covered with seaweed and sporting four legs. Whatta cat!!

  282. Lucky mile , since the cat swamg just over a mile from NJ

  283. those are all great how about TRVLLYNN…….
    or MERMAID

  284. As soon as I read that you were taking suggestions for names for this brave and beautiful young feline lady, I thought of Gertrude Ederle, the first woman who swam the English channel in 1928. Gertrude was born in New York City to German immigrants, was a swimming athlete all her life, and trained for the channel crossing by swimming across the Lower New York Bay, from Manhattan to Sandy Hook, a barrier split off the shore of New Jersey. That crossing and the English channel were feats of incredible determination and strength, both of which i believe this kitty inhabits. So, i nominate the name of “Gertrude” for her, in the spirit of the New York City woman that went before her. FYI, when Gertrude was younger, they called her “Trudy”. : )

  285. Should name her:
    Munchkin or Annie (2 cats of mine who passed a couple of years ago)
    Seaweed :P

  286. Because she has stolen the hearts of many, call her Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen. This is a book on seafaring women by Barbara Sjoholm.

  287. those are all great… about TRVLLYNN…or MERMAID

  288. Suggested name: Sasha

  289. How about “SWEEDY” as Smart, sweet Seaweed kitty :)

  290. I think the cat should be named Ocho (Spanish word for 8), since she has used up one of her 9 lives and has 8 left.

  291. *Gulliver*
    *Cat fish*
    *Ariel*-yes the annoying mermaid
    *Snooky*-if she came from jersey why not

  292. How about Merissa meaning “of the sea”?
    I love cats and want to be a vet when I am older.
    This cat is amazing!

  293. The name which came to me immediately is:
    “Aquamarine”.. not sure why.. but I like it! =^:^=

  294. I say she should be Calypso!
    (Calypso; a beautiful sea nymph that kept Odysseus on her island from The Odyssey!)
    Or Siren! (:

  295. She is such a brave and beautiful cat. I think she should be named Survivor (and no not after that horrible tv show). She survived a long and dangerous journey and she made it safely. So, the name Survivor seems fitting for this brave kitty.

  296. Call her Not Wired — because if she’d had an iPhone we’d know everywhere she’d been!


  298. Yvette Mimieux like the actress. For those of you who are younger, it’s pronounced mee-MEW.

    Thanks, Linda from Santa Cruz, CA

  299. Emily. Like the character Brooke Shield played in the movie, ” The Blue Lagoon.”

  300. Name her Cali, I have several calico cats, and Cali is a beautiful name she’ll love it, my Cali does..

  301. Samasea – pronouced sa-massy.
    This is short for SAlty, MAtted, SEAweed which coated the cats fur when found.

  302. How about Governor (the way British people say Governor….for Governors Island.

  303. name it after the island….Governor

  304. How about the name Sea Breeze?

  305. name the cat Aretha after Aretha Franklin’s song “I will survive”….

  306. Name her Brooke. I think that is so pretty, and fits a calico. =3

  307. So many great choices! “Jersey” got a lot of votes and so did “Ama” (Indian word for water!) My favorite of already stated is Wia (Hawaiian for water) and mine would be Mermaid. Hope she gets a good home!

  308. Seabird. she was swept up by a storm, and swam to shore. so at some point i’m guessing that kitty learned how to fly, or else she wouldn’t have been in the water, and she swam a long distance in salt water, so Seabird is an ample name for your kitty. :)

    • and to all of those who keep trying to give her boy names… remember, calicoes are about 99% always girls.

      as for why i chose Seabird…. i am Native American and i believe that whatever name first comes to me is the Rightful name of the creature/person/object i am trying to name. when i saw her picture i heard SEABIRD! yelled out in my head. then i noticed that you were requesting help with naming her, and it felt like Fate. now whether you choose this name or not is up to you, but if you do it would bring me joy to know that she was given a name that was at least feminine. in all accounts, good luck with your search for name and home, and if she likes the tuna i say GIVE IT TO HER! lol but i’d put it on a saucer plate for her instead, that’s what we do for my Missy kitty who is also a beautiful calico. though my Missy is primarily black, she is still gorgeous, just like your beauty that was given to you by the storm.

  309. Name her: Salina (salt-water!)

  310. KatFish

  311. How about Governor…considering that it names the cat after the island.

  312. this cat looks just like my past neighbors cat.her name was kathy,try calling her that.if that doesn’t work call her lucky cause that is exactly what she is.i have 7 cats of my own which i love and will never give them up.

  313. Seaweed

  314. How’s about Seabiscuit because she is a champion too!

  315. “Fishface”, a real winner.

  316. I say CatimusPrime, just like Optimus Prime, Because of bravery and independance of the cat

  317. How about Ohana? (Hawaii for family/friend) Or how about the name Courage? Or Braveheart? Governess? Goddess? Lady, maybe?

  318. Sailor.

  319. I think you should call him (her?) Nemo.

  320. I suggest LOVEY. That was the name of the wife of Thurston Howell III on Gilligan’s Island. She was sophisticated and a survivor. If you are a cat person, you know what I mean.

  321. How about naming her Thoosa, the greek sea nymph of strong seas and currents :)

  322. The name “Kallisto” means “most beautiful” in Greek.
    Catalina and Miso fit too.
    Thank you for taking care of her. She looks really happy.

  323. Govner because the cat was found on Govoner Island.

  324. I like “Adriaen” after the island’s founder.

  325. Name her Madison after the Darryl Hannah character in “Splash”

  326. I say Gilligan…..He washed up on an island too, right?

  327. What a wonderful story..
    regarding a name…
    Seaweed Callie

    Whatever her name, please find her a great forever home and get her microchipped as well as spayed.
    Bless you for caring.

  328. How about “Fleopatra”?

  329. I think she should be named Coco…as in calico!

  330. Hi just wanted to let u know to stop feeding that cat tuna from a can as it can cause the cat to go into kydney failure. Contrary to popular belief fish is not good for a cat unless its been processed especially for a cat and tuna from a can has not. Please Please stop feeding this cat tuna.

    I think u should name the cat Lucky

    • The cat is enjoying cat food!

    • Rhonda, that’s just not true. Fish is excellent for cats. And dogs too. However a diet of strictly canned tuna is insufficient for either pet.

      Red tuna can cause problems for male cats. But only with prolonged use. A can of straight up tuna now and again won’t hurt. Much like feeding a dog grapes. It would take 2 pounds of grapes eaten at a single time to cause the average dog a problem. A few grapes won’t hurt them. Unless we’re talking about a 2 pound Chihuahua.

    • Good catch on the tuna. Kudos!

  331. “mystic miracle”
    “amazing grace calico”
    furry feline fantasy
    “furry sailor”
    “merlin myst”
    “lucky the drifter”
    “Good Friday Godess”
    “calico pisces”
    “calico mermaid”
    “furry the survivor”
    “kissypaws lucky”

  332. How about Wilson? That was the name Tom Hanks gave to the volleyball that he found on the island in the movie “Cast Away.” The volleyball became his best friend just like the cat is becoming friends with all the people on Governor’s Island.

  333. How about the name Flo or for Florence

  334. She should be called “Jersey Girl”!

  335. I love that cat!

    Victoria – for Victory over the storm!

    I have a cat rescued,Calico, from the streets of Brooklyn, she is very friendly, they love to talk Calico’s, making me think she lost her home,but she is in LI NY now since the kill shelters in BK don’t care even if the cat is cool and friendly, so thankfully people from HS rescue out of those places…

  336. She should be named “Ginger” like the “movie star” in Gilligan’s Island.

  337. Name the cat WILSON. That was the name of Tom Hanks basketball in the movie Castaway.

  338. She should be named Amphitrite, after the greek goddess of the water!!

  339. i think Wia is a nice name for the kitty :D
    p.s Wia means water in Hawaian

  340. How abo0ut the name Seaweed..

  341. ‘Aphrodite’…because she arose from the sea

    or, on a lighter note…’Puss in boots’
    coz, she was probably wearing cement boots…

    • Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture… so that wouldn’t make sense for this cat. I suggested Amphitrite- which is the greek goddess of the water

  342. How abput Coast Guard since they used to run Governors Island?

  343. This poor kitty should be named “Seabiscat” because she reminds me of Seabiscut, the racehorse that no one believed in yet he was one of the greatest horses out there, because this kitty made a great feat that many others wouldn’t have been able to do!

  344. I think the kitty should be named ” Gilligan ” as we all know how the song goes, How they washed ashore.

  345. The cat should be named Gilligan. For the Gilligan’s Island Castaways.

  346. This kitty has an important post to fill here.

    Miss Liberty, or Liberty are my choices for this darling.

  347. Rose Dawson – the famous “Titanic” movie character!

  348. I say Ran
    it means Water Lily, its also the name of a fox-person from a Danmaku game

  349. how about CATFISH?

  350. I think the cat’s name should be Cuomo. It is very apropos!

  351. Gilligan would be a adorable name..lost at sea and found on a Island!

  352. Name the Kitty, “LIBERTY”.

  353. “Suri” short for survivor!!

  354. Name the kitty America.

  355. Marina or Oceana would fit her.

  356. How about ” Emily” like the name of the character Brooks Sheilds played in the move, ” The Blue Lagoon?”

  357. My best friend passed away 17 years ago this week and there are strange animal incidents every year. She was a ranger at Liberty State Park. So I am going with the name Ranger Gail. My friend was courageous and adventurous despite a difficult illness that took her life. Please consider my suggestion. Thank you.

  358. Since the kitty is a causeway , his name should be WILSON

  359. “Molly” for the unsinkable Molly Brown!
    “Suri” short for survivor!!

  360. You should name her Everett. It means brave. I think she earned it :)

  361. I think Ama! This means Water in native american

  362. Read through the entire list and would have to second the name Houdini because she’s obviously a magician and escape artist.

  363. “the Governor” or “Gov” for short. She seems to have a certain command over the place…

  364. This kitten should be names Ama :) This means Water in native american

  365. I think “Mister-E” (for mystery) because it is a mystery how this cat survived!

  366. I would love her to be named Cherry because she looks exactly like my cat that passed 3yrs ago. It brings me joy to see her for it feels like I’m looking at cherry all over again

  367. I think this sweet little kitty should be called Ama! THis means water in native american

  368. I think this little kitty should be names Ama! This means water in Native American!

  369. Name That cat STUPID!!!!!

  370. Umm maybe Salt its a cute name!

  371. “Guvnor”

  372. name the cat Jewel !!!!!!!

  373. Like Sasquatch, I suggest Gertrude [or Trudy] after Gertrude Ederie. Gertrude Ederie swam 21 miles across the English Channel on August 6, 1926. She finished the swim in 14 hours and 31 minutes. Go Gertrudes!

  374. I would like to suggest ‘HOPE’ . I think ‘HOPE’ would be a good name for this kitty.

  375. Chuck Noland, ( played by actor Tom Hanks ),
    was the FedEx employee who was washed up on a deserted island in the movie ” Cast Away.” Chuch found a Wilson Volleyball that got washed up on the beach fron the wrekage of the FedEx airplane that crashed into the ocean miles away from the deserted island. In Chuck’s attempt to maintain his sanity and overcome his lonliness and isolation, made the volletbal his imaginary friend and name it “Wilson. In an attempt to escape the island, Chuch build a makeshift raft, and along with “Wilson,” sailed off. A storm damaged the rafft and “Wilson” much to Chucks devasteion, drifted away.
    This cat may also be someones lost comanion. In honor of lost friends. I suggest that we name this cat ” WILSON.” I know she is a girl, but some gilrs are called “Allison.” And what about Michael Learned?

  376. It should be “Miss Salty”

  377. Considering her condition upon arrival, I suggest “Salty Sally”. Also, salmon not tuna is best for felines.

  378. Her name should be Speckles. Spec for short.

  379. I do believe her name should be “Salty Seaweed”

    Or, one of those, but the 2 together adds character.

  380. He shall be called “Salty”

  381. name her Simone or nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan or Jewel or Clawdia

  382. How about Catalina? The origin means “pure” (or “purr”…)
    She is a very sweet, brave kitty.

  383. Many years ago I found a calico kitten on the side of the road. She had been hit by a car – her tail was broken, her leg was hanging off, and she was covered with fleas. The vet said she was suffering from dehydration, starvation, and exposure. But he cut off her tail, sewed on her leg and she survived. I called her Tuffy because she was so tough.


  385. Ms. Whiskers

  386. the original name for G.I. was WALNUT ISLAND and was the original settlement location by the Europeans.

    Therefore name her WALNUT.

    • first idea was WILLCA.for willful calico cat…
      next idea MISO for seaweed soup or NORI a kind of Japanese seaweed..really loved the story..have had rescued kitties all of my 65 years…and love them dearly..Good Luck to LUCKY..last idea for kitty’s name !
      wonderful story !!!..

  387. I lost my calico cat ,she was 15. I think the name should be pumpkin puss!

  388. Flotsam, the maritime term for floating wreckage, which seems to be how she arrived.

    Our ship’s cat is Chiclet, named by a visiting 4 year old to whom we explain that “no, our newly adopted and nameless cat is not a kitten, she is just a very small cat.” To which the child said “she should be called Chiclet… because it is a very small gum.”

  389. Call her – M’Lady

  390. Sigi
    …as in sigmon the seamonster

  391. Governor – like the Island!

  392. Name her Emma…for Emma Lazrus the poet!

  393. Chuck Nolan, the fedex employee who was washed up on a deserted island in the movie ” Casta Away” played by Tom Hanks, found a Wilson volleyball that washed up on the beach of that island. Chuch named it ” Wilson” and It became Chucks imaginary friend, and helped him maintain some sense of sanity, to cope with his loneliness and isolation. In Chucks attempt to escape the island on a raft. A storm destryed the raft and “Wilson” floated way. Well, now I think ” WILSON” is an excellent name for this cat, because like “Wilson” in the movie, this cat also was lost at sea.

  394. The cat should be named “Wave” because that is how it came ashore.

    10 years old
    Ridgewood, NJ

  395. “Catamaran”

  396. I think you should name this cat Miracle because its amazing that a cat could swim a mile. Miracle is also a good name because im suprised its in Healthy shape.

  397. The Governer’s Island kitty has markings on her face that resemble tears, perhaps they are “Tears of Joy” at surviving the storm, as many of us have experienced. I think “Tears of Joy” would be a good name and “Joy” for short because she has brought a lot of joy to many people world wide.
    Thank you.
    Margaret Elliott

  398. I think you should name the cat Mosa, Mosesa, or Meowses something like that the girl form of Moses which means rescued from the water, or maybe Dara from Dara Torres a woman olympic swimmer. Maybe Tiffany as well, I love that name. Mira, short for miracle. Those are my suggestions. Have a great Easter! :)

  399. I’m a cat lover and have been all my life. The story behind this sweet little girl it just AMAZING to me,because I’ve know very few cats that like the water. But she had her survival mode going to make it to you all. As for a name “First Lady” (which has been suggested prior) would suite her well. After all she seems like she’s being treated as one. God bless you all for taking her in and treating her well.

  400. Neptuna or Pussidon

  401. Many excellent suggestions, but Molly fits best.

    After all, she was unsinkable!

  402. Bet. She probably won one by completing the trip :)

  403. How about Chestnut? The chestnut tree is a symbol of Governors Island – Nut Island. And lets face it, the kitty is a little nuts for swimming over! :)

  404. I think the cat should be named Dragon, for she has accomplished something usually only sea dragons can do.

  405. p.s:!/OldCatsRule

    Above is the link to OldCatsRule you wish to see more names.

  406. First Lady!!!!

  407. Hi,

    I run OldCatsRule, a Facebook community that focuses on elderly cats. However, I asked the community to suggest names for the cat. Here are a few:

    Siann (Irish goddness of the sea)
    Doris (the Greek goddess of the sea’s bounty)
    Galene (goddess of calm seas).

  408. Call the cat Swimmer!

  409. Sally Swimmer would be a good name.

  410. I would name her seaweed. she is a beautiful cat and was covered with seaweed when she washed up. so what better fitting name?

  411. Jersey or Jersey Shore

    • this NY not NJ so why would you name her Jersey
      but I think I know why because your from NJ and
      probably from the shore and without any creativity,
      go back to sleep!!!

  412. I think “Catfish” would be an appropriate name.

  413. How about Nessie? Because she came out of the water?

  414. how about Spitz after Mark Spitz………..olympic athlete for swimming – I also like Jersey or Salty.

  415. Salato (Italian for salty)

  416. I really think her name should be Ocho or Ocha. It sounds like a feminine version of “ocho” which means “eight” in Spanish, since she only has “eight lives” left of her nine lives. Ocha also means “to urge on” in Spanish, which I also think is very suitable on all accounts. Beautiful kitty :)

  417. Catfish!

    Eleuthera (greek for freedom;

    I like Tuna suggested above as well.

    Ariel (the mermaid)

  418. This cat should be named “Hissy Spitz”…

    Anyone remember the solid individual, Mark Spitz?

  419. Or, You could name her ANNIE
    Which means, One full of GRACE

  420. “Octo Puss”

    She has eight lives left, and she came from the sea.

  421. I think this cat should be named “Hissy Spitz”..

    Anyone remember Mark Spitz? This cat gets gold medal #8.

  422. I think Pearl would be good or Aphrodite
    Pearl being a treasure of the sea and Aphrodite bring born from sea foam

  423. I think the appropiate name would be SEAWEED.

  424. for a brave little kitty i would name her mistyrain or cassie which was my uncle’s calico cat’s name :)

  425. she’s very brave, with a strong will to live. name her Nereides after the nymphs of the sea goddesses. may the spirits grace her with long live.

  426. I’m liking ‘Seaweed’ but Mayday is good. My friend Kristy says if it’s a boy ‘Bouy’ would be good.

  427. How about “Amazing Grace” then call her Grace or Gracie for short?

  428. Holly

  429. Nutten, Triskelion, or Roscoe (he’s always been my favorite Mayor:

  430. Splashers or Octopussy! Either is a winner

  431. I vote for “Amazing Grace” then call her Grace or Gracie for short!

  432. Just thot of another one–SurferGirl–I love it!

  433. Miracle or Miraculous

  434. Snooki…

  435. I think she should be named Seaweed because she was covered in it

  436. Isla
    It is Scottish for “Island”, for Governor’s Island.

  437. She looks like a caramel frappacino.
    how about STARBUCKS

  438. How about Bobbi or Pusseidon!!!

  439. Sailor, of course!

  440. How about Sushi (since she was covered in seaweed!!)

  441. I suggest Braveheart!

  442. Buttermilk channel is the waterway on G ISL shore.

  443. I would call her weedbump.

  444. Girl~Luna/Flora

  445. Florence Chat-wick…or (in English) Florence Catwick…another famous swimmer

  446. Governor

  447. “LADY G”

  448. I think we should name this beautiful creature
    “Beauty.” To me she is just that.

  449. I think Alese would be nice. It means beautiful soul.

  450. spitz

  451. Name her “Lucky woman”

  452. Paddle, Poseidon, or Seaweed

  453. KALYPSO

  454. I propose the name “Seaweed”. Seems quite fitting considering that was what she was covered in after her arduous journey:) Calico’s are notorious survivors and have some serious attitude. You Go Kitty!!!!

  455. Call her Molly Brown since she is unsinkable.

    The “unsinkable Molly Brown” survived the Titanic in 1912.

  456. My suggested name for the cat is Governor of Governor’s Island.


  458. Moby, of course.

  459. How about ” SALTY ” or perhaps if it came from brooklyn ” Butter Milk “. Sal NYPD Harbor C……,

  460. This is a very brave kitty To say the least I think she should be named Jersey Girl

  461. my friend says Tuna :)

  462. Atlantic..cuz ain’t that the ocean she was through??……and it seems to just fit :D

  463. Philomena Harris…after Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch!

  464. Name her Guber, pronounced like Goober, short for Gubernatorial.

  465. Storm seems appropriate.

    If that isn’t feminine then Sandy (shore).

  466. How about Fiorella?!

    My mother thinks she should be named Ginger. She seems like a spice!

  467. Girl= Callie, Boy= Tuna

    • almost all calico cats are female. there is one VERY expensive calico male.

      I like Governess, after the island. Or call her Grace, cause God certainly had his hand in this kitty’s life.

  468. Name her Castaway and call her Cast.

  469. I think Salty would be a great. Not only appropriate to the circumstances but a nice tip of the hat to the Coast Guard men and women who once served on the Island, of which I am one.

  470. I would name that sweet kitty “Tom Hanks” in honor of the movie Castaway. I realize she is a “she” but it would be fitting nonetheless. Regardless that cat has a million fans already. When are you setting up her Facebook page ?

  471. Aquarius, she is one determed cat, we aquarians never give up we carry on no matter the situation.

  472. FLIPPER!!!!!!!

  473. lucky lucy is my suggestion for her name she one lucky cat

  474. “the real housecat of New Jersey

  475. Name her
    Nani Moana Popoki – Hawaiian for
    Pretty Sea Cat

  476. name it amelia from amelia earhart because she is brave and she crashed at sea. tis could be the reincarnation of her :D

  477. 1. Ariel
    2. Lillie
    3. Jersey
    4. Swimmie(:

  478. Her Name should be GRACE for the Lord surely blessed this beauiful little Cat

  479. G.I. Jane (G.I. stands for Governors Island)

  480. If she swam from N.J., call her Joyzee :-)

  481. Name her Nyan! Nyan is the Japanese word for ‘meow’.

  482. I’ve seen several suggestions for this one already and it has my vote too: Esther Williams!

  483. I think this cat’s name should be “Wilson” like the volleyball that Tom Hanks had as a friend on the Island in the movie “Castaway.” Wilson drifted away from the storm damages raft and became lost at sea. Apparently this cat drifted off into the sea also, but is now FOUND!
    I think ” Wilson” would be a very appropriate name for this cat. ~ Rodney L Sloan

  484. Nemo!
    He was lost at sea and found his way to a new home.. also he shares the same colors!

  485. Naida or Nixie or Millie

    Naida means “water nymph”
    Nixie means “water sprite”
    Millie means “Strong and brave”

  486. How about Amelia Earhart. At least this Amelia would have the happy ending of finally washing safely ashore.

  487. My cat’s name is Little Lady, the cat’s name should be Little Lady! nothing to fancy, she is a great cat to be named after!

  488. Aquatic or aquacat. Something that shows off her swimming ability.

  489. An old Scottish folk tale tells of seals coming from the stormy open sea to the safety of dry land and taking human, female form in an attempt to find love…It’s referred to as the The Secret of the Roan. I think “Roan” would be a great name for Miss Kitty!

  490. Luna… The tides are guided by the moon

  491. Can think of two names for this wonderful kitty
    Mayday – for trouble/emergency at sea or
    Lucky – for dang lucky to reach shore

  492. I’m going to suggest Amphitrite. In Greek Mythology, Amphitrite was the wife of Poseidon, the god of the seas. It seems appropriate.

  493. Ginger or Mary Ann after the Gilligan’s Island characters.

  494. Crusoe as in Robinson Crusoe.

  495. I would think “Mayflower” would be appropriate since she came in from the sea.

  496. Mermaid :)

  497. I think Mackenzie would be a good name since there is no gender difference. If a “he” could be ‘Mac’ for short; if a girl ‘kenzie’ for short.

  498. I have had cats all my life. They like short easy names. I suggest SALTY

  499. Since she landed on Governor’s Island, how about naming her First Lady. After all, she has become the “First Lady” of the island.

  500. paddles

  501. how about pearl? the jewel from the sea

  502. I will call this cat Brave or Warrior, Warrior because it takes a lot of courage to fight the sea to save her live, and Brave because she swims all those miles to get to shore

  503. Siren for Sea Siren Mermaid

  504. I think she should be named Duck or Buoy.


  506. All calicos are females! Stop suggesting male names!!

  507. Liberty would be a good name for kitty.

  508. How about Aqua.

  509. We would like to offer the name of our company for the cat – “Galavia” – “Gala” meaning celebration and “via” meaning through. The full meaning of our company “Galavia Entertainment & Media” translates to celebration through entertainment & media. Since this cat survived, it is certainly something to celebrate and the story is certainly entertaining and covered quite extensively by the media.

    Best Regards,
    Galavia Entertainment & Media L.L.C.

  510. Flipper

  511. Zatara!


  513. I vote for Esther Williams or Gertrude Caroline Ederle. A name that reflects great swimming ability would be great for this kitty.

  514. My first inclination was to name the cat Ariel (for the mermaid in Disneys movie The Little Mermaid.

  515. I personally think we should name her Lucy (after my not-so-recently deceased cat), Gabby (after my present cat), Molly (the Unsinkable Molly Brown), Dana (after Dana Berrett in Ghostbusters), or Tina (because I think that Tina is a perfect and beautiful name). Thanks, and I hope you pick one of my various suggestions.

  516. Governor Wave

  517. I think that a good name for this precious cat could be (Brave or Warrior) becauseBrave because it take a lot of courage to swin all those mile and warrior because she fought for her live like a real warrior. cute cat

  518. Another vote for “Sham-Mew”, which is very cute.

  519. cat-a-puss u know like octopus

  520. Maria

    And I second Governor.

  521. I think calling her “Swimmer” would be a cute name. ^_^

  522. Also, how about Kitty Galore….

  523. i agree with Mareena, of the sea

  524. How about Gilligan since she swam to an island like Gilligan’s Island.

  525. What about Siren or Swimming with fishes,Ms Mona Maloney whose fiancee Bucky Caccosa got they were shipwrecked and Bucky was lost at sea, Mona survived washed up on an island and there you have. Also Molly for the unsinkable Molly Brown


  527. I think lucky is the perfect name for her.

  528. JOSIE, as in

    • I like Josie, Cali, Rain, Aphrodite because aphrodite was born from the sea foam, or Zoey because i have a calico named Zoey.

  529. name her “Ester” for Ester Williams a great swimmer back in the day

  530. Mermaid

  531. I am partial to the name “Kismet”. I have a darling of a Brendle that I rescued 9 years ago from a doctors office out in the middle of nowhere in the country. She was pregnant and dirty and starving. The first time we went to the doctors office for my husband who had an accident at work, I saw her under a car. My husband was on his lunch hour & said we didn’t have time to get her. Went back 2 weeks later & she was in the same place again. THIS TIME SHE CAME HOME WITH US. Hence the name KISMET. She is a sweetheart & we adore her as well as our other 9 rescues.!!!!!!!

  532. name her rain or mittens

  533. Names are many possibilities, but the all too well known fact that she survived, deserves a name that reveals that. ” Gracie” she surived by God’s Grace to keep her alive ! I am sure there are many choices to consider. May you choose wisely.

  534. How about Cali or Miracle!

  535. Obviously she’s quite the cat! Since she’ll be prowling the island park I think her name should be Jaws or Pisces

  536. I would go with some unique names like

    send me a message if any of these helped

  537. I think Mareena, which means “of the sea” would fit her. She is a beautiful cat!

  538. i think since its a calico i would name herTABBY or ANGEL or HOPE

  539. How bout Nixie which means water sprite. Or
    Kai which means ocean or sea in Hawaiian. They are both unquie names and very pretty for such a purrdy kitty ! =)

  540. Governor of course !

  541. I think her name should be Esther after the 50s movie actress and swimmer..Esther Williams…she ( the cat ) likes to swim and has become a celebri kitty.

  542. -MISS KITTY-…..hahaha… worked for the lady on “Gunsmoke”

  543. I would have to go with Molly, as in Molly Brown, as in The Unsinkable!! Way to go kitty…you are inspiring!

  544. As soon as my daughter heard the story she said “The cat swim like ARIEL?” (Liitle Mermaid)

  545. How about , Stormy, Misty or Salty ?

  546. I suggest….
    “Coral” for her pretty colors
    like Sarah’s cat on “Sarah Plain and Tall”


  548. Name her COASTIE in honor of the proud enlisted men and women of the Coast Guard that were stationed on Governors Island. Thanks for taking her in and caring for her!

  549. Salty, Stormy or Misty

  550. “seacakes”

  551. How about “Liberty” or Lady Liberty?

  552. The name RIVA ( PRONOUNCED RIVER) is the most appropriate name

  553. “Sham-mew” (Shamu)

    I also like the already mentioned names Splash and Libby (for Lady Liberty :)

  554. Esther is a great name! Angela has it right!

  555. Calliste (Calli for short since it is a calico)
    Amphitrite (Poseidon’s wife in Greek mythology- Tri for short)

  556. Since all Calicos are female, male names might not be nice.

    However, I was thinking something like Pearl, Susan, Seashell, or something sea related because she survived the sea.

  557. Garfield



  558. Hmmm I think “paddles would be a sufficient name given the circumstance’s this beautiful cat had gone thru!! thanks …. Sean from mass.

  559. How about Miss Molly after the unsinkable Molly Brown? Good golly Miss Molly!

  560. gabby

  561. best name – Miz Sal T

  562. I like the name Salty also. Salty Meowzer

  563. the obvious answer here is:

    The name comes from the movie “Bell, Book & Candle”. Pyewacket is the mind-reading, magical cat in the movie.

  564. I like the name Seasalt or Aqua because of the water.

  565. seaweed :)

  566. I think ‘Dawn’ would be a nice name after ‘Dawn Fraser’ who was a 3 time Gold Medal winner in the womens swimming in the Melbourne,Aus. Olympics back in 1956…..

  567. She seems like a pretty regal cat. I like the name Chelsea. Let the public know if she is ever reclaimed.

  568. I would call her Mael, short for Ishmael

  569. Chai-mew, Jellybean, Toffee, Peanut, Mizky

  570. I think you should call that girl……..stormy

  571. I say name her Paratus. Governors Island use to be a Coast Guard base. I spent most of my childhood there and have wonderful memories of the Island. Paratus means ‘ready’ and apparently the cat was ready for swim. Semper Paratus!

  572. Haven, since she’s found one with you.

  573. How about Catfish Cal?

  574. This cat should be named one of the following:


    Only these names fit this cat!!

  575. I think that she looks like a TawnyPelt or a SorrelTail. If you need any more suggestions about names for cats, I suggest looking at one of the fabulous books by Erin Hunter called WARRIOR CATS. In the first few pages are the ALLEGIANCES and have tons of names for brave and wild cats. Good luck!

  576. Her name should be “Liberty”

  577. I think an amazing name would be Hope. Hope would be the best name for this cat because if this cat can swim and make it from miles away, then think about the possibilties we can do!! This cat brings hope to people. What do name like Slyvia say about this cat?!? Hope says that she will and has brought hope to many people; not just one but thousands! look at how many people have commented! Look at what this AMAZING cat can do!! She brings hope to millions!

  578. Please name that adorable kitty “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”.

  579. How about naming her Jersey???

  580. “No Jersey”

  581. I was checking out the first woman swimmer on line that was from New Jersey, and I found out that there’s a lady from Highlands, NJ who was the first woman to swim the English Channel in 1927. Her name was Gertude Ederle, so i think that the cat should be named Gertude after one of NJ greats.

  582. How about Giny? GINY = Governor’s Island New York. I love that cat! sooo cute!

  583. Seaweed ! thats a perrrrfffect name …..

  584. Natatorita! Natie for a nickname.

  585. Maybe curiosity got her to swim across. You could name her Pandora!

  586. Moby :-)

  587. Venus, who came fully formed from the sea

  588. #WINNING

  589. Venus- who came fully formed from the sea

  590. Seaweed… thats a prefect name….

  591. Name her Lorelei. Lorelei is the most famous mermaid name, not Ariel. It’s pronounced “Laura-Lie.”

  592. Clementine.
    I had a calico cat named Clementine. She dug her claws in and hung on for twenty-one years. She was stubborn, determined, and overly protective.
    And she looked exactly like this little kitty.

  593. All gender aside, what about PUSSeidon ?

  594. Unsinkable Molly Brown! She even looks like a Molly.

  595. So many great suggestions! I’d like to put my vote in for Esther (after that beauty Esther Williams) or Nautica (Naughty for short) or Maya (hebrew for water) .
    Please keep her safe, pet her lots and get her spayed!!!

  596. ONDINE because she came from the water

  597. How about Angel. God was watching her as she was paddling to safety.

  598. I think you should namer her Guvvie in honor of Governours Island or Merline. Like in the little mermaid.

  599. I think “Isla” would be puuuurfect!

  600. WILSON!!!

  601. Stella Maris (“Star of the Sea”)

  602. salty would be a cool one since her fur was salty when she came

  603. Calypso, after the character from Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s only fitting after all she has been through. :-)

  604. Uh folks… she’s not Scottish, Eglish, African, Venezualian or whatever, and she didn’t cross the English Channel, Nile, Congo, or Amazon.

    She’s in America, she crossed an American Waterway (the New York Bay, right?), and she’s on American Soil. This is an 100% American event.

    “Felix the Cat” was produced by Paramount Pictures in a studio owned by Pat Sullivan, not only of America, but fitfully (yes, you guessed it folks), of and in New York City!

    Do you REALLY need more?

  605. I’d name the cat, Island Selkie, a shapeshifter :)



  607. I think Faith would be a great name for her. Through everything she has been through she kept on and pulled through.

  608. i would name the cat “jersey”.

  609. I have some suggestions for the Kittie’s name. and there meanings.

    Nyneve – lady of the lake

    Nixie – Little water spirit

    Pukai – Ocean flower

    Kishi – beach or sea shore

    So there are a few that I think would be fitting of such a brave little soul.


    Umiko – child of the sea

    Naunet – Mythical Egyptian goddess of the sea

  610. I like “Spunky” she’s got to be to swim that far…

  611. Easter.
    After all, she arose again.

  612. Robinson Mewsoe.

    Mrs. Chippy (Shackelton’s cat)

  613. la Mojita, Mojita

  614. I’ve never seen so many dumb suggestions. “Molly” or “Jersey” are the ONLY acceptable names.

  615. I think you should name her SELKIE, as Creature said above. She emerged from the sea, like the seals of Scottish myth who can come onto land and take human form. And as every cat owner knows, cats are human too. (Or is it that we are cats?)

  616. Marina! I think she definitely deserves some sort of nautical sounding name. What a little trooper!

  617. Name for Kitty — SUVI, for, of course, Survivor!!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT FEED HER PEOPLE TUNA. Cats need proper cat food — many OK commercial brands OK — even Friskie’s. People tuna is not good for cats — too much mercury.

  618. I’ve been to Governors Island 2 times, and I seriously wonder how the cat made it so far without the assistance of the ferry…Anyhow, I think that the cat should be named the Duchess of York, it fits perfectly and reflects he native roots. :) Gotta love NYC!

  619. I think Siren would be a great name for her! Thats the mermaids name from Greek Mythology. It semms fitting since she just appeared on the Island in the middle of water : )

  620. name it Turtle

  621. I lost my own Calico two weeksago, so one suggestion I have is to name her Queenie, but I think a better suggestion is Lucky, because after all she’s been through she certainly has luck on her side.

  622. Here’s one, and quite befitting at that. Name her “Felix”; yes, like in “Felix the cat”.

    1. Felix’s gender was never “officially” declared in the cartoon (and in this day and age, if one ever did show Felix as desiring a female cat… well, like I said, “in this day and age”… Would it matter?).
    2. Felix was, historically, one of the most resourceful and fortunate cats ever commercially portrayed.
    3. Felix the Cat’s name, it is suggested, is derived from latin, as most of the English (Spanish, Italian and so on languages are; and what says “America” more than “Diversity in a single source”?)… “Felis”, which means “cat”, and “Felix”, which means “lucky”.
    4. See #3

    Come now… is there anything that could be more fitting than “Felix Felus Felix” or “Felix, the Lucky Cat” or simply, “Felix the Cat”?

  623. I think you should name her Zee or Meri

    These mean “sea” in different languages, respectively: Dutch and Finnish.

  624. Calypso

  625. Call her Meercat! “Meer” is the german word for ocean

  626. Angle she is a miracle because as a rule cats hate water.

  627. Calypso, one nereid from greek mythology, would make an awesome name for a calico cat. In legend, Calypso was banished to a small, barren, magically isolated island to be alone. However, she made the islland beautiful. Sometimes, when Greek heroes were stranded out at sea, they would come to her island by accident where she would lovingly nurse them back to health, enjoying their companionship if only for a while.

  628. I was thinking because she came from the sea she could be called Calista. A friend of mine named his daughter that and it really pretty.


  630. Since this little creature is one that is adventurous, tenacious and brave, I would have no choice but to name her KAT TIKI, named after the famous Kon Tiki.

  631. If it is a boy (very rare) I would call him “Jonah”. If a girl “Callipso”, a demi-goddess of the sea.

  632. ONDINE – like the water nymph/ water spirits

  633. Name her J.C. = Just Cat

  634. My choices are

    1) Molly
    2) Salty

  635. Seabiscuit

  636. This Cat must have had a series of tingles in that cold water.

    would make an apt name.It would coming bounding whenever it here the name Tingles

  637. lucky because it is lucky to not have drown when he was trying to find safety

  638. I think the cat’s name should be LUCKY.

  639. My vote would be for the kitty to be named Cleo.

    Cleo and her (driftwood) barge, persevering through NY Harbor to safe haven.

    (And because she so much resembles my own dear Cleo, 2000-2009)

  640. “Hobie” (cat)

    “MeiMei” (pronounced: MayMay) which is beautiful in Chinese.

    ” Sealine” (Sea lion)

  641. sailer

  642. camper

  643. camper should be the cats name

  644. How about “The Governess” and call her Ness or Nessy or sent her to me!

  645. Good Golly Miss Molly

    (Unsinkable Molly Brown sounds good to me too)

  646. I think you guys should name her Tab or Cally. I don’t know, but see what she likes the best.

    Cats have good ideas for their own names you know.

  647. My 6 year old daughter who adores cats thinks the name should be ‘Honey Angel’ :)

  648. Being in the Animal Rescue -what an honor–how about Salty,, or with no insult intended sHARKBAIT Thanks kitty for giving us all some hope.

  649. For starters, no cat should have only one name. She has a very interesting story and her name should reflect that. Therefore, I suggest:

    Dory Isla Governor

    Dory of course after Marlin and Nemo’s friend who had great advice.


  650. Flotsam! As in Flotsam and jetsam—the floating debris.

    But i must say that i like the earlier suggestion of Captian Thunderpuss! very funny…..

    Sweet kitty…glad to hear she is doing good. :)

  651. I think the best name I have seen on here is Calypso but another that would be good is Venus.

  652. Name her “seaweed”…. fitting I’d say!!

  653. How about “brat” for all the brats that used to live there! Me included ;)

  654. I will add these name to the collections:

    Dara,after the olympic swimmer.

    Dorie, after the fish in Nemo “just keep swimming”

    I also agree with , Snookie, she is a Jersey girl

  655. pinki….soni……laeli

  656. How about Molly Brown, for the Unsinkable Molly Brown.

  657. Maryanne from Gilligans Island

  658. 2 suggestions- with absolutely NO insult or harm–I am in the Animal Rescue in my area— I love Cats– 1) Salty 2) no insult here- actually a testament to her survival— SHARKBAIT.. Live long and tell the humans about REAL tuna!

  659. Morgana — Lady of the water (sea). By the way, please do not feed her tuna. Tuna has an enzyme that causes the food not to be digested and therefore the cat can become under-nourished. Top grade (Wellness/Pet Life, etc.) cat food is a much better choice.

  660. Call her Paddlepaws!!!! Lord knows she must have done quite a bit of paddling.

  661. Morgana — Lady of the water (sea). By the way, please do not feed her tuna. Tuna has an enzyme that causes the food not to be digested and therefore the cat can become undernourised. Top grade (Wellness/Pet Life, etc.) cat food is a much better choice.

  662. How about “Nori”. It’s an edible seaweed.

  663. I suggest for the cat to be named Poseidon after one of the sea God’s I think it fits perfectely.

  664. I think Salina, Italian for salt, would be fitting!

  665. Kelpie after the supernatural water horse in my part of the world, perhaps this is what one looks like :D

  666. Magellan

  667. Mazu, also spelt Matsu, is the indigenous goddess of the sea who is said to protect fishermen and sailors. or Amphitrite, Poseidon;s wife,being a shy girl, fled away and hid somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. or Thetis, disposer or “placer”, is encountered in Greek mythology mostly as a sea nymph or known as the goddess of water.

  668. How about the name Ariel (Like the little mermaid) :o)

  669. Libby short for Lady Liberty :-)

  670. Governess
    Natalie (after Natalie Couffman first women to get 6 medals in one olympics)
    Gerti (after Ederle)

  671. “Seal”
    like Sarah’s cat on “Sarah, plain and tall”
    “Coral” for her colors.

    Sham-mew…. very cute…
    that’s one whale of a cat!
    and would make a big… Splash!

  672. Turtle because of the

  673. I think a good name for the washe up Calico should be Calipso????? Get it?

  674. I think it would be cute
    for her name to be DOREY
    like in Finding Nemo
    She was always singing
    “just keep swimming just keep swimming”

  675. I think she should be named paddle – since that is what she did

  676. Fish. What better name to name an ocean fairing cat?


  677. What a great story! I think the name “Molly” as suggested in another post would be appropriate. God bless the litty kitty. :)


    My final suggestions for your new kitty’s name:

    ISLA – As posted in my original post…

    “I’d name the kitty, “Isla” (pronounced Eye-lah) which is a Scottish River. Lovely name! Also… the larger than life, Ms.Isla Fisher (from Wedding Crashers & Confessions of a Shopaholic) has beautiful auburn/strawberry blonde hair and always plays brave, zany, and funny characters in her movies.

    My vote is definitely for “Isla!”

    Very pretty, and that’s exactly what she is now… “The Queen of The Island!” LOVE IT! It’s puurrr-fect!!

    Additional info on the name Isla:

    Isla is a modern name derived from “Islay,” the name of a Scottish island.

    Popularized recently due to its association with actress Isla Fisher.

    ARIEL – If you like Disney Princesses.

    GOVERNESS – Very suitable!

    GINGER – From “Gilligan’s Island,” of course.

    BOSS – You can already tell that she knows she is “The BOSS” by the way she is strutting down that hallway, LMAO.

    I’ve known too many kitties named “MOLLY” — but the name does makes sense.

    Can’t wait to see what name is chosen for this special kitty!!!!




    • Hi Mily. Calico cats can be males too. They are very rare and are always sterile. They carry two X chromosomes and one y. So they read XXY. The extra X is what makes them sterile. I like the name you picked “Governess” and like you I also think Molly is fitting! ;)

    • Hi Mily! I hate to contradict you but calico cats are NOT “always female”. Having worked for Animal Control here in Pensacola, FL for 10 years I learned that they can also be male. However, it is extremely rare! So if anybody owns a male calico, consider yourself lucky.

      • No problem! Very interesting tidbit… Yes, ones who own a Calico Male kitty are very LUCKY! As is the male Calico!! :)

    • My suggestion, “The Unsinkable MOLLY BROWN”. MOLLY for short….The name speaks for itself…

    • I second Governess or Ginger.

    • Well I think it should be” Guardian”. That is my nickname since my first name is Angel. Someone had to be watching over her. Alot of people just throw their animals away like trash, so don’t be surprised if she wasn’t thrown in the water. I just isn’t fair to them,all they do is love us no matter what is done to them. Please take care of her, she came to you for a reason.

    • Hi there!!! just read the story of the strong kitty and thought of a name… How bout Salty the Survivor?!

    • Hello,

      First name that comes to mind is the most simple: CATFISH. Have not read all the replys so maybe this is a repeat. (Certainly swims like a fish!) Good Luck!

    • Calypso of Course

    • I have a few to choose from:
      1. Castaway
      2. Stormy
      3. Salty
      4. mermaid

    • I think her name could be Water-Lilly……:)

    • You should name her liberty or lucky. maybe jersey girl

      • Maybe Precious, Princess or Miss Kitty. However there a lot of great suggestions. Have a great life to the lucky cat that was found. May she find a happy loving home.

    • “Swimmer” is the calico cat! From Jersey…I’m sure it will morph into “Swim” or “Swimmy”

    • Pusseidon!!!

    • There have been several great names listed but I really like Calypso. There are several lines in the John Denver song of the same name that fit this cat,…:”to ride on the crest of a wild raging storm”…”aye Calypso I sing to your SPIRIT”…”the men who have served you so long and so well”…(any cat owner knows that they own us and we serve them.

    • She could be the twin of My Apatchie Princess, Pisces would fit as she was wash ashore and could be a twin to my Apatchie Princess!

  679. Name her ARIEL after the most famous little red headed mermaid!

  680. I read with interest about your wandering kitty, and your search for a name. I have a couple of possibilities:
    1) Gypsy — because she is such a wanderer

    2) Governess — because she “landed” on Governor’s Island (and is female)

    3) Liberty — because she overcame odds against her and is clearly a survivor

  681. Gerty as in Gertrud Ederle or Esther as in Esther Williams… Two wonderful female swimmers!

  682. I think that a good name for her would be Journey. Because she swam so far.

  683. I say Freedom because it pretty funny to think that the cat could have swam for freedom i mean who doesn’t want freedom and plus yall could make a statue of the cat and freedom will the perfect name…so that people that come to visit new york they will think wow! mayb he did come all the way here 4 freedom

  684. Sham-mew (Shamu)

    I also like the mentioned names Splash and Libby.

  685. You should name the cat “FISH”
    BTW… Great story!

  686. name her miracle for the way she survived the water and god’s love made her through the experience.

  687. I think she should be named Lioness. The word “lion” in history is linked to kingliness and courage. She’s special, so sweet and so brave. I’m so happy she survived and finds a safe and happy home to live out her days…

  688. My son says name her Ariel after the little mermaid.

  689. Traditional Russian belief – a cat with tree colors – black, red and white is a GOOD SIGN. As we say – a cat with a ‘happy pattern’ or ‘lucky pattern’

  690. Trudy — for Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim the English Channel.

  691. How about calling the cat Wandering Whiskers

  692. Being that she is out of the water now, and when they found her she was “matted and caked” with seaweed. How about calling her Matty or
    Matty Cakes. What an amazing story of determination.

  693. Ariel like the Mermaid. Mike if it is a boy

  694. My kids say Miracle, Seashell, Splash or Fishy

  695. Kitty names? Hmm?

    Mermaid, Aerial, Aqua, Aquarius, Oceania, Miracle, Kelp, Sandy, Pearl, Siren, Grace, Angel

  696. Calypso of course :)

  697. I have a cat that looks just like this cat and she is about 12 years old and we live in the country and she still hunts and brings us field mice BIG ones!! She is a great cat!!!! When my mother-in-law passed on with cancer I took her and have had her for 5 years we love her!!!!! Her name is Mama Kitty!!!

  698. My husband Ted suggested Wanderlust. I love it!

  699. Bernandine is a good name for a calico cat because all calico cats are female

  700. I think a good name would be Phelps – since she is clearly a good swimmer like Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps :-) Give her a pat from me!

  701. I’d like to suggest BURGEE it means–small ship’s flag used for identification or signalling. I think it suits her, it’s certainly an androgenous name. Thanks, and if I lived closer I’d adopt her, I already have a long-haired calico and they’d look great together. She’s beautiful.

  702. What a remarkable story. She is truly a beauty. My choice for her name is: Karma. She obviously has good karma. Please keep me in the loop with regards to where and who is fortunate to be her human family.

  703. You sould name the cat in reflection of how it was found. Salt-mat-sea say it fast and it grows on you.
    Saltmatsea the Cat

  704. Short for Governors Island New York


  706. Name her Cassy, short for Castaway.

  707. Not Jersey! She was getting outta Jersey LOL!!!

  708. i would name her Zena…..a true warrior.

  709. How about “Buttlermilk” since on the Buttermilk Channel? Gertrude is good — can call her Gertie. Or Ariel — like in The Little Mermaid

  710. Marcie, Mayleigh, Kiki, Chola, Lamiko, Yorra, Pasai, Zoa, Kora

  711. I think you should name the cat ” Salty”. It seems to fit since she was all salty when she arrived to Governor’s Island.

  712. How about “Tallulah”…it’s a female Native American Indian name meaning “leaping water”…seems to fit!

  713. Isla’Rain — for the island she was found on and the rain she survived.

    kudos for those who rescued her and are taking her in!!!

  714. I think Seabiscuit would be absolutely adorable. Or Kitten of The Sea, like the tuna.

  715. Ariel, like the Little Mermaid

  716. Name the cat Oceania.

  717. This kitty is Esther… as in Esther Williams. She’s another beautiful and strong swimmer.


    • I think the name should be “Meriel”= a cross between MEOW and Ariel the little mermaid

    • Her name is Pretty Girl. U won’t believe this, but last August we lost our Pretty Girl. We live in Northern Maine. I thought for sure she was killed by wild animals up here, but by the looks of it, she is standing on Governors Island and she seems to look great. I know that this kitty might not be Pretty Girl, considering the winter that we had here. But I think you should consider naming her Pretty Girl.

  718. Governor or Governess

  719. Ariel, like the Little Mermaid.

  720. name her “Sinbad or Houdini?

  721. Mayflower!

  722. Giligan!

  723. Molly! I agree with those that suggested it. This kitty is unsinkable!!! Plus it’s a cute name.

  724. Penelope! Penelope was Odysseus’ wife. So in this case the cat reverses the story, and instead of Odysseus wandering the ocean to get home, it’s Penelope!

  725. Rowdy Gaines – the olympic swimmer!

  726. how about Seaweed.

  727. Doris, goddess of the sea’s bounty

  728. Name the cat “Seaweed”. That’s how it arrived.

  729. I have two suggestions:

    a. Ginger, after Gilligan’s Island castaway
    b. Ariel, after the Little Mermaid

  730. I think “Salty” would fit her just fine……poor sweet baby!!

  731. Pretty little PEARL…the name just fits her….there’s lots of cleaver names posted…but she just looks like a “PEARL”!

  732. MARIS
    Gender: Feminine

    Usage: English (Rare)

    Pronounced: MER-is, MAR-is [key]

    Means “of the sea”, taken from the Latin title of the Virgin Mary stella maris, meaning “star of the sea”.

    or you can just name her seaweed, seastar or catfish

  733. I like the name Paddlepaws.

  734. Her name should be Jessy

  735. i think brave heart is cute or paddle! the cat is sooooo cute :)

  736. Ondine would be a great name for the cat. Ondines are water nymphs in mythology.

  737. unless/until we learn more, ‘QWIZ’ or Quiz or even Why …think about it and it’ll make sense. thanks for all y’all have done and for all the the good this is spreading. the world needs love. Bring it. there’s another name sugggestion…BRINGITTE.

  738. How about Nigiri…the word for sushi wrapped in seaweed.

  739. the original name of G.I. was Walnut Island and actually the first European settlement in the area. I think WALNUT is a good name. now, don’t start with the male-female name thing unless you are a nut-gender specialist!

  740. Name her Rapunzel. She has blond hair and she now lives in a tower (of sorts) surrounded by water.

    P.S. PLEASE GET HER SPAYED, if she isn’t already. Even if there are no male cats there, she’ll live a more contented life and she certainly deserves this after all she has been through!

  741. That kitty is Esther… as in Esther Williams.

    • Oh, please pick this one! Ester is a great name for a cat, and Ester Williams was known for her swimming. That’s just sweet and perfect.

  742. Someone suggested that one..destined to be there.

  743. I think he/she should be named …….. ” PADDLES ” :)

  744. Jersey ( where it came from)

  745. Toonces (she can swim across New York Harbor – I’m assuming she can drive a car)

  746. I like the names Lucky, Ms. Lucky, Ms. Lucky Patch (or Ms. Lucky Patches) and Isabell. I used to have a cat that looked like her named Ms. Lucky Patches because she had gotten hit by a car and was in really bad condition but recovered. Then, she ran away, but that was quite a few years ago.

  747. Joisey as in jersey but with a jersey accent

  748. Perhaps ‘Kelpie’ or even ‘Koi’. ‘Nema’ would even work….

    • we named one of our border collies “Kelpie” after the Scottish water witch because she loves the water and is a bit witchy

  749. ”Meowchel Phelps” sounds right as a winning name as1st mentioned bye the person who wrote this story covering the event about the cat showing up on Governors Island I’d go with that name It never mentioned if the cali cat was male or female but either or the name fits (as Bob Barker says be respocible have yer pets spayed or nutered help curb pet population)

  750. Name the cat Stuyvesant for the first governor or Cnomo for the current governor of New York City.

  751. how about New York – like the song says if you can make it here you can make it anywhere

  752. How about ( Sensi ) she had sense enough to keep her head above water and sense enough to get out of Jersey.

  753. Name the cat ” Governor”

    • I would say “Governor” is appropriate, since she effectively chose the name by landing on Governor’s Island.

  754. How about Molly as in The Unsinkable Molly Brown?!

  755. Name the cat ” Govenor”

  756. Selkie, an irish/scottish mythological creature. It would take the form of a seal that would shed its skin to become human.

  757. SEALIE.. kinda off the wall but she has got to have the intestinal fortitude of an AMERICAN NAVY SEAL

  758. DINA: Short form of Scottish Murdina, meaning “sea warrior.”

  759. Seamone, would be a good name

  760. I personally like the name Calypso the most with (Unsinkable) Molly Brown or Molly for short as a close second. It also depends greatly on her personality what name suits her best.

    Good luck little one.

  761. The Unsinkable Molly Brown, after Margaret “Molly” Brown (Titanic survivor).

  762. How about Aphrodite? Like from the Greek legend, Aphrodite was ”born” from the sea.

  763. how about Gilligan?

  764. How about Stormy, she survived the storm to be swept up by gentle people who are taking good care of her.

  765. How About Salty?

  766. I think you should name her:


  767. The first name that came to mind when I heard her story was Salty. So that’s what I choose, seems like alot of good names here and Salty comes up alot.
    Go Salty!

    • I’m with you. I think it should be Salty. I actually, sent that name as my choice. Then I see that other people had the same idea.

  768. I have heard 3 that I really like from other suggestions:

    3. PINTA

    What a great cat! Definitely is deserving of some tuna after that swim. Give her some kibble from me and her California cat-friend Peechu!

  769. I name my cats after famous actors. Iv’e had a katherine hepburn, ava gardner.
    How about Esther Williams?

  770. Gilligan
    The Skipper
    Little Buddy

  771. my kids and i think her name should be shelly .like a seashell thats been washed up on the the beach all coverd with sand ,salt, seaweed ,once its all cleaned off you have somthing beautiful .

  772. my names for the castaway cat:
    Gilligan (re: Gilligan’s Island)
    Little Buddy (re: Gilligan’s Island)
    The Skipper (yup, re: Gilligan’s Island)

  773. How about Annie Meow, in homage to the first passenger, Annie Moore, registered through Ellis Island on January 1, 1892. I know it’s a different island, but your kitty is still the first “immigrant” on record. :)

  774. How about naming her after that dauntless athlete Wilma Rudolph. She does look like she has amazing Will -ma power!

  775. Viola…the main character of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night who washed up on shore after a shipwreck.

  776. leif ericson or just leif, leif fits both genders. I guess “Bukater” would be cool thats the girls on the Titanics (movie) last name (the one that survived) it also fits both genders

  777. name her “KELP”

  778. awee how cute the cat should be named sabastian


  780. Wilson (volleyball from castaway)

  781. How about Spitz? (Mark Spitz)

    Or maybe Snookie….. she’s from Jersey….and by virtue of being a female cat, I’m sure she’s probably a little slutty.

  782. I like Lady GovGov.

  783. Name her todo(as in todo, i have a feeling we’re not in kansas anymore.because she’s not home)

    or Willson for the volleyball tht got lost @ sea in cast away

  784. Please name her Esther Williams after the beautiful swimming movie star from the ’40s. She looks just like her!

  785. How about Governess! Sounds like everyone is catering to the newest addition.

  786. Pisces

    Calliste – Greek sea nymph

    Elektra – One of the Oceanides, the wife of the sea-god Thaumas and mother of the Rainbow (Iris) and the Storm-Gusts (Harpyiae).

    Pallas – A warrior sea nymph, friend and companion of Athena.

    Latis – Celtic goddess of Water and Beer

    Freya – Norse goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Magic and Wisdom – because this kitty is magic!

    Nammu – Sumerian goddess of the Sea

    Isis – Egyptian goddess of Protection and Magic – this kitty was surely protected!

    Tethys – Greek goddess of the sea.

    Tozi – Aztec goddess of healing and water

    Zoe – Greek goddess of life

  787. you should name her athena it means the goddess of wisdom

  788. just call it NJ (enn-jay)

  789. Ariel, she was indeed a hearty little mermaid.

  790. Paddle

  791. Seaweed or Salty

  792. Lorelei

  793. Castaway Cassie
    L’il Lady Liberty

    Thank you for having big hearts, adopting her and making her a l’il celebrity :)

  794. Miss G.I. for Governor’s Island and her bravery and resourcefulness!

  795. Ariel! She’s quite a little swimmer!

    • omg my friend has a cat named ariel who looks exactly like her!

    • I think Jay would be great after Fort Jay

    • Call her “Miracle” Take good care of her and give her lots of love. You will be rewarded in more ways than you can ever imagine.

    • I was going to suggest the same name for the Little Mermaid. Or, there’s always Madison for the Darryl Hannah’s role in Splash with Tom Hanks.

    • Arielle, feminine form of the name, meaning “Lion of God”–and also the name of the Little Mermaid.

      She truly must have the heart of a lion to have survived the swim, and God must have been looking after her.

  796. I think her name should be ” The survivor” because she survived comming from New Jersey to New York and she is one amazing cat and she seems very strong and determined that she can do anything :D

  797. mrs. norris

  798. I have another name for her Island Fairy as the cat just kind of flew in unexpectedly.

  799. name it seaweed.
    or lugnut.

  800. Salvato per uno scopo – call her “Salvato”. It is Italian for “saved for a purpose”. Please take good care of her. She deserves the very best after that ordeal. {Hate to say this, but don’t discount possibility that previous owners may have thrown her in! Just be careful, please.}

  801. i’d call her Gold-fish, goldie for short!!

  802. How about “Sailor”? or “Mermaid”?

    I like all the other suggestions too! Flotsam is a good one!

  803. I thik she should be named Jersey Shore as that is where she came from and was washed up on shore good luck she is a beautiful cat. If you cannot find the owner where will she go???? I am an avid cat lover so good luck and I will keep up on this story

  804. I think I’d call her “Weeds”

  805. Jilligan… Gilligan…she’s stranded on an Island.

  806. Zatarra or Zatara, it’s from the Alexandre Dumas story, The Count of Monte Cristo.

    Edmond Dantes, found on the sandy beach, is named so by the Smuggler’s. It’s suppose to be an Italian slang word meaning “driftwood”.

    • very intellectual! i too loved the story and think it most appropriate. She did escape the prison hell of NJ and she must be a real survivor to swim/float to GI.

  807. Meowchel Phillips would be the better name. Remember her as Catwoman? or how about Catfish? That’s some swimmer!

  808. Call her: Queen of Governor Island (Queeni)
    It seems she is an explorer on a mission.

  809. How about Poseiden {male}

    someone mentioned {female}:

    the Unsinkable “Molly Brown” which gets my vote!

  810. Mrs. Friendly Paws

  811. flipper

  812. I think what that cat must have gone thru and this time of year it would only be fitting to name her:

    Faith or Destiny

  813. We had a Calico cat and her name was Gadabout and called her Gaddy. She was always running around everywhere so we called her Gadabout! Seems like that name would fit her purrrrfectly! :)

  814. Nymph, the Greek word for mermaid

    Serra, the Latin word for mermaid

    or, Van, for the Turskish Van, a swimming cat.

  815. How about LOVEY? for Mrs Thurston Howell III?

    Also like “Ginger” The Movie Star!

  816. Tsunami?

  817. Salty

  818. I like Posy ( pronounced “Po-zee”) short for Poseidon, Greek god of the sea. I like Ariel, too, for the Little Mermaid. Fir something cute & funny, you can name her Pringy, short for Pringle, Puddles, or Pickles.

  819. i think u should name the cat miracle or kali

  820. the cat’s from jersey….so she must be named snookie

  821. What about “Lucky”?
    I mean this little kitty is lucky to be alive if she swam to New York fom Jersey, huh?

  822. “Masika”–Egyptian (“born during rain”)

    “Tulpe”–Lenape (“turtle”)

    “Nianque”–Lenape (“wild cat”)

    “Marinochka”–Russian (“little one from the sea”)

  823. MobyKit

  824. I would name the kitty either gilligan, skipper, mary ann, ginger after the characters in gilligans island cause they kinda got ship wrecked also!!!!!!!

  825. How about Ishmael or Ahab after “Moby Dick”

  826. Kelp

  827. I like Seaweed or Calipso since she was seaweedy and shes calico! Combine them to make Calisea (Cal-ee-see)

  828. Name the cat: Seaweed

  829. How about –


  830. Kitten of the Sea

    Captain Acat

    Salty Dog

    Sailor Bob

    Deadliest Cat(ch)




  831. Caliope
    Acionna- Godess of water
    Brizo- Godess of sailors
    Delphin- Leader of Dolphins
    Galene- Godess of calm waters
    Leucothea- Godess who aides seafolk in distress Lucy or Thea for short
    Nabia- Godess of rivers and lakes
    Salicia- Wife of Neptune
    Niad- Sea Nymph
    Kappa- Water Sprite
    Camanae- Godess of springs Cammie for short
    Alcyone- Godess of the sea and tranquility
    Anthea- Godess of seaweed
    Bia- Godess of power
    Halia- Godess of the saltyness of the sea
    Tyche- Godess of fortune

  832. How about:

  833. CAT-FISH!

  834. The Daily New has reffered to it as ‘Cuddly Calico’.
    Calico… Why not name her ‘Calico’?

  835. I think she should be named “Cordelia” meaning “Of the sea”, or “Salacia”, which was the roman goddess of salt water.

  836. I would call her Princess Ariel!! from the Little Mermaid :)

  837. Ginger; she’s a castaway living on an island, just like Ginger on Gilligan’s Island.

    Also, it’s a good name for a red cat.

  838. how about “Grace” since by the grace of God, she survived her lengthy swim. Or maybe Guarda since she has apparently taken up post along side the officers on the island :)

  839. Esther Williams

  840. i have had 3 cats and looking for another my first cat name was beauty so name her Miracle

  841. I’m loving so many of these suggestions, but here’s another:
    since this is when she miraculously made her journey.

  842. Cat Fish

  843. Why don’t we call her Mike Krumboltz

  844. CC., for Calico Castaway

  845. I think she should be named Miranda, after the heroine of Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. Like your kitty, Miranda survived a storm at sea, and washed up safely on the shore of a strange island. She saw some wild things and had some crazy adventures, but managed to find her place in the world.

    If the Governor’s Island cat could describe her new home and the kind New Yorkers who have taken her in, I’ll bet she’d say just what Miranda did:

    “How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
    That has such people in’t!”

  846. Cataway
    Jwow – since she’s from the jersey shore and wow – she survived!

  847. Chairman Meow

  848. Liberty! after all it is the site of the statue of liberty isn’t it?

  849. Either “Gloria” or “Miss Gaynor,” because she’s a survivor! (And Gloria Gaynor hailed from Jersey.)

  850. I think Minnie for Peter Minuit, who purchased Manhattan for $24 and then governed it, is the perfect name for this little beauty.

  851. Her name should be “Flotus”, of course……the floating first lady of G. I.
    So happy she made it to a safe haven!

    Good job all.

  852. Kotse, short for “Kitten of the Sea”

  853. Hudson

  854. How about MIracle??? It’s a miracle the kitty made safely unharmed… :)
    or Angel

  855. how about milo from milo and otis.

  856. I think the cats name should be seasalt sally

  857. I think Spirit is a fitting name… she’s definitely got it in spades!

  858. how about foxy… cuz in her pictures she carries an attitude and looks confident

  859. I suggest MobyKit !!

  860. Ginger…(or Mary Ann)

  861. How about: Esther Williams?

    She was a great swimmer .

  862. I think you should name the cat Ariel like from the Little Mermaid. The cat loves both the land and the water!!

  863. Why not Mrs. Hathaway…….Gilligan’s Island castaway

    Old Glory….for more of a patriotic name

    Pickles or Puddles…….. for something silly

    • I’m pretty sure it was Mrs. Howell (which would be a cool name for her)….I was raised on shows like Gilligan’s Island……Hathaway was close though…lol

  864. I think the cat should be called “gigi” abbreviation for ‘governors island’….(Gigi)

  865. Gov’nor!

  866. Lady Liberty
    Lucky Lady
    Lady Luck
    Lucky Lady Liberty

  867. how about naming her “Saltina”? SHe was covered in salt. Or Salty?

    • I was going to suggest Salty or Saltycat…like that ol song “won’t you be my salty dog”…but I see someone else suggested Salty too.

  868. Cece
    Ariel (from the little mermaid)

  869. Gov’nor

  870. I think Stormy would be a perfect name.

  871. My suggestion for this cat’s name is Kit Hudson.

  872. magic,,,,,,,magically appeared out of the water,,,,like a note in a bottle

  873. Just Gov, or Guv.

  874. I would name her Odysseus because of her long difficult journey

  875. I would name her Odysseus, because of her long difficult journey

  876. How about “Kit-Kat”

  877. I think Nutty Stephine

  878. After Gertrude Ederle…the first woman to swim the English Channel!


    After Emma Lazarus!

  879. Seaweed or Molly Brown (unsinkable) or
    Rumpleteazer (from the Broadway play ‘Cats’) because she was found all rumpled with salt and seaweed!

  880. I loved the story and the first thing that came to mind was Calli The Brave. 2nd: Salty Sea Calli. 3rd: Calli Sun. Other: Water Lily

  881. Aphrodite:

    The Greek Water Goddess of love and beauty was said to have been created from the foam of the sea.

  882. Soggy

  883. Lucky Cat. I like Sealy

  884. Flotsam gets my vote.

  885. She looks like a perfect little “Lady”. Did you know that Calico cats are almost always female?

    • The male calico rarely ever lives, we had one born from our momma calico and he was a tort calico male. He only lived for a week. :(

  886. Hope

  887. The first name that came to mind was Samantha, since I had a calico that looked exactly like her when I was a kid, but then I thought something having to do with strength like Spirit or Virtue.

    The last name I was thinking of was Survivor, says it all I think :) I am glad that she is being taken care of and loved by every one on the island :)

  888. What about Kitty Hoff? Or you could call her Catie Hoff? Katie Hoff is a famous Olympic Swimmer, and since this cat is a swimmer, why not!

  889. “Govvie” short for Governor! Cuz she runs the place!

  890. I think the best one I have seen so far is Calypso.

    • What about Sinbad?! Sheba? Sea Nymph? Unsinkable Molly Brown? or simply Unsinkable.. Corky? Columbia (the Gem of the Ocean)…

    • I agree completly with this name. (: Our cat is named Calypso or Calli for short because we found her crawling out of a nearby sewage pond after a rainstorm (not nearly as glamorous as the ocean though). Calypso is a singing sea nymph so the name only seemed fit for our meowig kitty gifted to us from a pond and seems fit for a cat straight out of the sea.(:

    • Calypso is a great name.

  891. Seamist

  892. Snooki.

    More seriously, how about:
    Kon Tiki
    Buttermilk (as in the Channel)

    • Snooki? We don’t want the poor thing to be named after a talentless, sluty, so-called celebrity who’s only claim to fame is for being stupid, now do we? LMAO!

  893. How about “Salty”?

  894. I would call her Governor and refer to her as The Gov.

  895. How about Madge – Short for Her Majesty Queen of the New York Harbor

  896. Suggestion for name of cat: Islander

  897. GRACIE….because she was graced with living and surviving the whole ordeal and now she is touching so many lives. How beautiful she is!!!

  898. She came to you by chance, and I think “Chance” should be her name.

  899. Gouverneur Morris.

  900. Tuna

    She likes to eat it and she/he swam like one

  901. How about Lucky Or Hope Or buddy.

  902. Hobokat? Secatcus? Hudson?

  903. Hurley? Jack? Sawyer?

  904. Oceania

  905. Flotsam! If somebody hasn’t already suggested it- there’s too many posts to weed through to find out.

  906. How about America or April the Month she was found.

  907. Calli

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