The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Molly Brown is making herself at home on the Island
The Governors Island cat officially has a name! Since we found our feline friend on the Island, we have received thousands of comments and ideas for her name.
It seems the most popular name was Molly Brown, for the “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, who became famous after travelling on the Titanic‘s ill fated journey.  After boarding lifeboat #6 once the Titanic struck ice, Molly helped row the boat with other women for hours and looked for survivors in the surrounding waters.  She assisted those who had lost everything in the tragedy and raised funds to assist survivors as they started a new life after losing so much.

The real Margaret Brown (from

So thanks to all of you who voted and we hope to see you all out on the Island in two weeks! 

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29 Responses

  1. […] – we have had hawks, owls, a deer that swam all the way from New Jersey, and of course Molly Brown. And this year, two new female goats will join the chickens, worms and bees at the Earth Matter […]

  2. Dear Molly Brown, I’m Siva from Malaysia. I am glad that you are safe and have a nice home now. May God bless you always and take care. Love,Siva

  3. Hi Molly. I’m Suba, writing to you all the way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I watched about you in Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats. I am glad that you are safe and happy in your new home. I have a cat and she looks just like you. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care

  4. […] is pleased to announce the addition of two new kinds of hammocks at Picnic Point. Responding to our feline constituents’ demands for more amenities on the Island, and in response to the recent Island baby boom among […]

  5. […] been home to lots of creatures, like owls, chickens at the Earth Matter compost area and of course Molly Brown, but we hadn’t before seen a bald eagle […]

  6. […] behalf of Molly Brown and everyone on Govenors Island, best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a great new year. We look […]

  7. I saw the photo of this beautiful cat in the Parade Magazine and my heart dropped. We lost our cat last August and wonder what ever happened to her. We live in NJ. Anyway, when I saw the photo my children and I immediately thought that could be our cat. Upon viewing the video and images on your website, we are convinced that it is not her. To many subtle differences in fur coloring. At any rate, our cat was named ANGEL and she was the sweetest cat ever!! My vote is if you would consider naming her ANGEL in honor of our lost cat. Will you be keeping the cat or is she going to be up for adoption? Thank you and God Bless you all for taking such good care of the cat.

    • We are sorry to hear about your cat but certainly glad you got some joy about learning about Molly Brown’s story – she is a wonderful addition to the island.

  8. I love checking in to see how Molly Brown is doing. Hopefully, we can see some updated photos of her soon!

  9. Thank you for your reply. Molly Brown is the perfect name for this beautiful girl.. she is a surviver..I am happy that she has been made part of GI. I had a Molly Brown cat in and out of my life for 22 years. When she was less than nine mths. old, someone threw her and two of her kittens in a river in SC. My mom was working in her yard, when a very young long hair tabby, came to mom, begging her to come to the river behind her house. Mom followed the cat to her kittens sinking in the river in the shoe box. Mom grabbed the box, and pulled it out of the water. One kitten was already gone, for days mom and Molly (as mom had named her) attended the kitten. It died, Molly walked out the back door of mom’s home. From then on, everything between mom, Mollie and me was on her terms. She pasted in Feb, 2009. She was such a joy to my mom, to my two cats, and me.

  10. Hi: Glad to hear the little girl finally has a name.
    I used to work at a marina. Sometimes pets would fall in. If Molly Brown in going to be near the water she should wear a harness. If she falls in it will be easy to lift her out. They make life jackets for cats. But she is not going to be on a boat. So a harness should work out just fine.
    I wil have to come and visit.
    Have a great summer.

  11. Awww, perfect name! She looks like she is content, happy, and like she has a great home!

  12. Molly Brown is a good name. I still like Viola, but I have no problem losing to Molly Brown and will make a point of visiting the island just to see her. Can we bring her catnip and Pounce? :)

  13. One of my top three picks for Molly, so I’m not complaining. She’ll be a good mouser.

  14. She looks like a tough little “Molly” and is a true survivor. I’m happy to hear she has a good home with everyone on Governors Island!

  15. I don’t even remember what name I suggested. It wasn’t even one close to top pick. Doesn’t matter.
    Molly Brown is a perfect name!

    Best wishes, Molly brown!!!

  16. I thought we were going to take a vote on the favorite names? Apparently not.

    • We did Victoria, and Molly Brown won the most votes.. so that iss her new name, and is a perfect name for her, after all she has been through. She is a beautiful cat..

  17. Dear Staff – the kindness and love you all gave to that sweet kitty will come back to all of you. I think that the name Lucky would have been nicer, but she now has a name and a wonderful life. Your lives and her life is better for her being there. Thanking you for what you all have done is not enough. Enjoy her and the love she gives you.

  18. Gee, I think the kitty is cuter then the real person! Wonderful Choice and even though my “Ginger Grant” didn’t win, I am so glad she had a new home and so much love! Finally, a nice story in the news!

  19. I am so glad to see the island’s mascot has a name & I look forward to the opening of the island so I can get to meet N.Y. newest feline in person!
    I am not one to go in for “merchandising” (in our current world, green is good and “merchandise” tends to go against that concept) but if the island were to come up with several well designed pieces-like “I love Molly” bumper stickers or t-shirts(think :great colors and good typography) -you could count me in and they would also make for great N.Y. souvenirs to get for visitors. Just a thought & the proceeds could go towards paying for cat and other island animal related costs…

    • That’s certainally a great idea Gina. You can count on me to buy a t-shirt.

      • “Molly” , has already more than paid for 90 lives just in New Tourist’s visits. Curiosity, will continue to pay that cat’s (and staff) way. Certainly the island will capitalize on her and her great story.Sure they have copywritten “molly” tshirts,coffee mugs and bumper stickers by now. China has already sewn,printed and shipped containers of the stuff . Bet “Molly” has a trust fund, I/we could only dream of !!! Good for her, she deserves it, I have suspected foul play,concerning her situation all along.I think a rotten person put her to sea!!! It’s great endings like this that give us all Hope and renews Faith again. GO MOLLY GO !!!!

  20. Dislike the BORING name ,”Pinta” was my suggestion after the ship that survived a perilous voyage, also means :spotted/various colors in Spanish.However, I am happy she gets to stay on the island and be well-cared for and adored by all the visitors !!! Certainly a yearly fundraiser will be held for her w/ half the proceeds going to a NO KILL animal shelter.The remainder to the island. I will come to visit her next trip to N.Y. Well Done !! (except for name)

  21. I am so happy that she has a home, and now a name.. I love her as if she was mine (but she’s not). Molly really has 2 families, one on Govenors Island, and one here, with us, on the interent. I hope you don’t mind sharing her with us. She is a pretty kitty, and I hope she spends the rest of her life with u.. Take good care of her, and give her lots of LOVE, and Molly will return that LOVE.

  22. So glad you are safe now Molly, I hope you have a great life and alot of love. Take care brave kitty, we will always be thinking about ya!

  23. thanks to u all ,to have the heart to help Molly Brown.
    Now we should go out there and save more cats + dogs Poeple are not nice to them Sad . There are a lot of dogs+cats need good homes loving ones

  24. I would have like to have seen her named BUTTERMILK as that was the channel of water from which she came….NYC history

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