Molly Brown is now a City-Wide Phenomenon!

Molly Brown's head shot

Although it was just three months ago when Molly Brown swam across the Buttermilk Channel to Governors Island, she has already made a name for herself. Time Out New York calls her one of New York City’s animal mascots. Molly Brown is honored to be included among the mascots, which also include the Brooklyn Brewery’s cat, Monster, and Make Workshop’s Chihuahua, Rita.

The article shares some of Molly Brown’s tips for enjoying a day on Governors Island. She suggests chasing the chickens at the Earth Matters compost center and taking a nap under a tree at Picnic Point. She wants me to let you know that she also loves to dig for worms at the Added Value farm and build sandcastles at Water Taxi Beach.

On your next visit, make sure to look out for Molly Brown hanging out in one of her favorite places!

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8 Responses

  1. I love this story. I’m glad that Molly has found such a great home. Sounds like she enjoys greeting visitors, and hanging around at her favorite places. :-)

  2. I was on GI this weekend (August 6) with my family. We stopped by the composting center and asked if Molly was around. The people there had NO IDEA there was a cat on the island, and had never even heard of her. Is she still around? We all hope she’s doing well!!

    • Molly is indeed still around and doing great. She likes to stay by Building 140 near the ferry landing and often hangs around our security guards and ferry crew. We will post some more Molly updates soon but she is enjoying summer on the Island!

  3. Love that Molly Brown!

  4. I am sure she will do a wonderful job watching over the island & will bring years of joy to all who live there & to the many visitors too. But I think she might grow lonely soon… shouldn’t she have a sister? (Or is that pushing things?)XO

  5. I told you so in an early email….add Molly Brown to your proms. She is a ringer.

    So happy to see her out there to bring attention to Governor’s Island.

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