Field Report: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Pieces  of concrete foundation from old buildings and roads on the South Island are being used to create “rubble ramps” to help with the demolition of multistory buildings.

How’s this for green? Some of the demolition debris from the derelict buildings on the South Island is being used as “rubble ramps” to help demolition equipment reach the top of other buildings to demolish.   Then we’ll re-re-use the concrete from the ramp along with the usable debris from the newly demolished buildings as fill for new topography in the Parks and Public Space Project.

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2 Responses

  1. We lived in that building in apt 5e or f I believe in 1964-1966.

  2. That rubble is made of buildings I called home for 4 years of my life. I find myself completely morose for the destruction of these iconic housing units. Where, oh where, will all those MILLIONS and MILLIONS of cockroaches go to live NOW?

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