4 Heads Governors Island Art Fair in Building 12 Through September 30

4 Heads features work by more than 100 artists who have taken over Building 12 with the Governors Island Art Fair!

Run by artists, for artists, The Governors Island Art Fair enters its 5th year this fall as 4heads rallies an exciting and diverse selection of artists from around the world. Well over 100 independent artists have been selected to show their work and each has been given a room of their own in Building 12 which to create an exhibition environment of their own design.

Don’t miss it – make sure you stop by the Art Fair any Saturday or Sunday between now and September 30 to see the work of these wonderful artists!

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, sometimes I realize I’m out of touch but when I wanted to check to see how Fort Jay weathered the storm, I was flabergasted. The only reference to the island being a post long ago was when I looked at your blog, thanks by the way, and the the word “Colonel” popped up. I was stationed on Governors Island in l957 and served in the U.S. Army’s information office. Part of my job was to conduct tours of the island, keep up an information case on the ferry, and write for the post’s newspaper. Most of the tours were done for boy scout troops, but not all. I auditioned people for the WAC’s 25th anniversary celebration show on the island and met Mary Ingels who emceed the event. Lots of stories and memories come up while remeniscing about the year I spent there. lThe island, I see now is in a trust. Are the canons still there or is there any tangible thing on the island that denotes its past as an army post?

    • It is always such a treat to hear from those with such a special connection to the island. There certainly are many indications of the Island’s military history – most notably Fort Jay and Castle Williams (and of course the cannons). The forts are managed by the National Park Service which provides tours of the Historic District and Castle Williams has just undergone a major renovation. You can see more at the Trust’s website at http://www.govisland.con or NPS’ website at ups.gov/gois.

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