New Demolition Slide Show: Building 855

In spite of the wet weather, we began demolition of another building in the South Island last week. In its place we’re building a new park for new generations to enjoy. Cool fact: since the buildings were so tall, we used debris from previously demolished buildings to build a ramp for the excavators (the machines you see chomping the building) to reach the upper floors. That debris will then be re-re-used as fill for the new park spaces.

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5 Responses

  1. Is this the apartment building I used to live in? This is not easy to see. One of the best places I ever lived….

  2. The tearing down of these buildings is not to be treated so lightly.For many people such as myself ( a retired Coastie) it is a sad, sad sight.

  3. I visited many friends in that building and I to have memories of the newest buildings on the Island. I saw it being constructed and now its down. Sad day for me as well as a USCG kid.

  4. many great memories are now gone with that building..the view out the living room window was all of brooklyn, out the bedroom was the statue of liberty. Sad to see it all torn down

    • I’m ashamed to say I spent a year on Governor’s Island as a prisoner. The year was 1962. It’s been 51 since I was released and discharged but I have vivid memories and still feel shame for the dumb things I did that put me there. I celebrated my 20th. birthday there. I wonder sometimes what became of some of those who served time there. Shortly after arriving there I was appointed to work in the office. I was released November, 1962.

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