The Permit Process for the New Governors Island Sports Fields is Open!

Play Ball!

06_Schenck Governors Island 2013_11_13 DSC_6483

The watchful eye of Lady Liberty looks over the new Governor Island’s sports fields. Image from Timothy Schenck, courtesy of The Trust.

The permit process to use the Governors Island’s sports fields opened today! The fields are located on the Play Lawn within the 30 acres of new park completed in November  and will be available for use every day during daylight hours between May 24th and September 28th.

The two natural turf ballfields are sized for baseball or softball. They contain a clay infield with full back stops and bleachers that seat 84 people. Now if stickball isn’t you game, not to worry. The large outfield can easily be configured for soccer or other field sports. The fields will be available for games in the morning beginning at 10 AM, and in the afternoon beginning at 2 PM.

To apply to use the fields, organizations can visit The Trust’s website. The permit process will be open until March 1 at which point The Trust will review all of the applications it has received. As with other public ballfields in New York City, preference will be given to youth groups, schools and leagues from across the City. For more information take a look at our permit page and the FAQ page.

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  1. New sports field on Governor’s Island!!!… I’m way ahead of you. In the early 60s when my parents were officers on the Island, I often played “solo” baseball on the big field just beyond Liggett quarters. Nice baseball fields, half-size and full-size, where I could toss the ball into the air and swing for the fences… then retrieve the balls and start all over again! Great fun, and great memories for those early years on Governor’s Island.

    What a great place to live then!!! What a great place to visit today. Thank you for keeping Governor’s Island alive and well. “Time” could just as easily have let the island stand in disarray. We lived on the island (with my five year old brother and my 10 year old self). So on behalf of my (long gone/late great) parents, Lt. Col. William J. Smith II, and 2nd/Lt and Nurse Margaret T. Smith, thank you for doing such a good job keeping their past in such beautiful shape. BILL SMITH. P.O. Box 516, Malibu CA 90265

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