Construction Update

Further construction on the water pipes project on Governors Island ran into some unexpected problems this morning. An excavator accidentally uncovered a collection of graves protected by black magic.

 Uncovered zombie nest.

Uncovered zombie nest.

The zombie hoard, finally released from their endless sleep, wreaked havoc in the 30 acres of new West 8 designed park. After a few hours of brain feasting the zombie crowd however began to relax and could be seen joking together on the parade ground and napping in the hammocks in Hammock Grove.

Zombies couldn't be stopped. Image courtesy of the Trust.

Zombies couldn’t be stopped. Image courtesy of the Trust.


Zombie's dance on Fort Jay. Image courtesy of the Trust.

Zombie’s dance on Fort Jay. Image source


April fools 

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  1. Thought you folks at GI might like to know that there was an actual zombie movie shot on the island near the swimming pool about 6 years ago, by the wonderful summer film program of Children’s Museum of the Arts. Black-and-white with children as cast and a British narrator, and one of the all-time creepiest movies I’ve ever seen

  2. Okay, you almost fooled me. Then I checked my watch, and the date. Fun try however! As a son of two Army officers living on Governor’s Island and Fort Wadsworth in the early ’60s, I’ll always have a special place in my heart. So this “flashback” with Zombies on duty brings an enjoyable adventure to my past. Thank you for being “courageous” enough to find a laugh in this otherwise often grumpy world!

  3. Some of us children in the ’50′s believed there were tunnels from the fort to…maybe Castle Williams

    • You wouldn’t be too far wrong Mary. Long ago when the forts were first built there was a covert defile, a sort of high walled path that lead from the moat in the rear of fort Jay to the front gate of Castle William. This defile or path allowed army personnel to move between the forts without being seen from ship sin the harbor. There’s still a very very small portion of the original left by Fort Jay, ask a ranger to show it to ya

  4. the photo appears to be taken on the road just east of the Soissons Dock, and I can’t recall any such discoveries during my early days there.  My brother, Tom,  did turn up a gravesite on the golf course west of the quadrangle in the 1930′s.  Jerry Keough France

    • I believe the article was an April fools piece…I would imagine the story of what your brother Tom found would be far more interesting

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