Visitors to Governors Island enjoy a concert on Colonels Row

Governors Island is open seasonally for visitors and offers a diverse array of arts, cultural and recreational activities for all to enjoy.

The permit process for the 2014 public access season is now open so organizations can apply to bring their events and programs to the Island for the public season.

This year, for the first time ever, Governors Island will be open 7 days a week, from May 24 through September 28.

Check back here later in the spring for the full list of all that is happening this season!

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  1. […] Jazz Age Lawn Party August 17, 2013 and August 18, 2013 11am-5pm  Governor’s Island  Tickets are Required  Take Ferry from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park OR the Battery Maritime Building located at 10 South Street […]

  2. […] Rite of Summer Presents An Homage to Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring: Ljova & The Contraband and Fireworks Ensemble  August 10, 2013  1pm and 3pm   Governor’s Island Take Ferry from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park OR The Battery Maritime Building located at 10 South Street […]

  3. I wish you guys had an events calendar that’s easier to read. When is Water Day this year? I don’t see a thing listed about it. Thank you!

  4. [...] exhibit, installation art, painting and more…for all the various exhibits on island, go here. Mark di Suvero sculpture on the island. Jacopo Quaranta for the Wall Street [...]

  5. I live in NJ, and I would like to visit Gov. Island. Is there a ferry service from NJ to Gov. Island?

  6. Why does everything end Sept 25? Why can’t the island be open all year long? As a citizen of Brooklyn I respectfully request that the Island be made available all year long. To keep such a treasure locked up most of the year is a crime against the people of NY. Com’on Marty, com’on Bloomy. Give NY, give the nation this extraordinary park.

    • Governors Island is a currently a seasonal destination that is open to the public from the end of May through the end of September. Operating funding permits the Island to be open for a roughly 60 day season filled with exhibits, programs, performances, car-free biking and much more. In the future, it is envisioned that Governors Island will be open year-round, with new tenants and new park and public spaces.

  7. why is it so hard to find the (((date))) of the African film festival on your site??

  8. August 26th- 28th is the island open to people NOT going for the Dave Matthews band thing?

    I’m not sure how it works. /:

    • Absolutely! The Island is open as usual on Friday (10-5) and Saturday and Sunday (10-7) for visitors to picnic, enjoy art exhibits and visit.

  9. Are free bikes available on Governor’s Island on Fridays during August and September 2011?

  10. I am attending the National Brain Tumor walk on June 18th but I dont see it listed here ?? and is there going to be early ferry to get to the island ?? and how often do the ferries run?? it says registration for the walk begins at 7am and the wal begins at 8am . is this correct?? will there be a ferry before 10am??

  11. it didnt work :(

  12. Please!

  13. A Good name for the cat that was founld on Governors Island. would be Aqua Lady she the right color as Aqua men super hero

  14. I have tickets for Rock the Bells at Govenors Island, but I don’t see it listed on your events. Is it being held there on August 28th?
    Will there be later ferries that day to accommodate concert goers? And does the ferry pick up and drop off from Manhattan and Brooklyn, or just Manhattan??

    Thanks so much!!

  15. the Pdidday concert starts at 6:00pm will the ferry be running late that night for that occassional i want to go but don’t know how i’m going to get off the island

  16. email events

  17. Will there be free bikes available on Fridays
    throughtout the summer?

    • Yes! Free bikes will be available through Bike and Roll’s Free Bike Fridays program, which begins on June 11.

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