Directions & Ferry Schedule

Governors Island will re-open to the public on May 23rd, 2015.

In order to visit Governors Island before the public season, you must have business with The Trust for Governors Island, the National Park Service, the Harbor School or Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Directions to the Governors Island Manhattan Ferry
The Governors Island ferry departs from the Battery Maritime Building located at 10 South Street, adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry in Lower Manhattan. The ferry terminal is accessible as follows:

By Subway
1 to South Ferry station
4, 5 to Bowling Green station
R to Whitehall St. station

By Bus
M1 (weekdays only), M6, M9, and M15


196 Responses

  1. When does the free ferry start to governors island from pier 6 Brooklyn on the weekends?

  2. Is the island and the ferry stroller-friendly?

  3. Argh! I wish you’d open earlier than May 26! It’s nice out, and I’d really like to visit!!!

  4. Four Freedoms Park is opening Oct 24th (, after the free Manhattan ferry stops for the season on Sep 30th. So no one can get out there until the ferry starts running in May 2013?

  5. How do I get there from the Hoboken path train?

    • You can take PATH to world trade center and then walk to the Battery Maritime Building or take the R to Whitehall or the 1 to South Ferry.

  6. Ihave an event this sunday.
    The event ends at 11:00pm.

    Will the ferry bring me back to Manhattan/Brooklyn after the event or do i have to still whole night on the island?

  7. Is there a place to eat on the island?

    • Yes there are several options: there is a food court with a variety of food vendors on King Avenue and at Picnic Point, there is also a full bar and grill at the Governors Beach Club, on the north shore of the Island.

  8. I don’t enjoy visiting anymore since the bikes were introduced. These bikers speed all-over the place and don’t care if they run into guests. When was the Friday visits eliminated? Weekends are too crowded; had to wait over 2 hours on a long line to return to Manhattan.

  9. Hello,
    Is there any way to get to the island from Queens? possible to drive there park and hop on a ferry there?

  10. Is Governor’s Island closed on Wednesday, July 4th ?

    • Governors Island is closed to visitors on Wednesday, July 4th but is open to the public that weekend, as well as every weekend and Holiday Monday until September 30th. Hope you can come join us one day for some island fun!

      • Thought the Island was open every Friday during the Summer months. I came to the ferry terminal on July 6 for nothing. I hate the Island on weekends as the lines are too long and you can get hit by the endless bikers who rent bikes and speed into visitors. I barely escaped unscathed last summer.

      • Mr. Shulman,
        Thank you for your comment. The Trust announced last October that the Island would be closed on Fridays to facilitate construction of 30 new acres of park and to work on large-scale projects that are addressing Island infrastructure. I am sorry to hear that you had a difficult time while visiting and appreciate your feedback.

        The Trust works to ensure that every visitor has a safe and delightful time while visiting and our operations team is constantly monitoring all Island activities to make sure that bicyclists and pedestrians are behaving in a safe way and abiding by all posted rules. We will continue to do so during every public day so that pedestrians and bicyclists can enjoy the Island safely.

        I do hope you will have the opportunity to visit the island on a Saturday, Sunday or on Labor Day before September 30. Additionally, the National Park Service hosts specific tours and programs on weekdays which may be of interest (for more information you can visit

  11. what happens if you miss the last ferry back to brooklyn? Are you stranded until the next day?

    • We make sure you don’t miss the ferry! The Island is swept at the end of the day to make sure everyone is on line and on the boat!

  12. Do you have a date for the opening yet? Would love to visit the island this coming weekend.


  13. I attended Coast Guard radio school in 1969 when I was 18 years old.
    What a great time and place

  14. Hi!
    Wondering if the east river ferry will run from India Street in Greenpoint to Governor’s Island this summer. I plan on working there over weekends and would love to count on that commute. If the answer is yes – how early could we expect it to be leaving?!?


  15. There are no seats on the South Island Fields but lawn seating is available.

  16. i may want to attend the concert on sunday sept. 4,2011. will the concert go on if it rains? if not will there be an alternate day? thanks

    • The concert is rain or shine. Any change to the Rock the Bells schedule would be noted on the Rock the Bells website (

  17. Hello, I am going to Rock The Bells on 9/3/11 and I am taking a bus to New York for the concert and I have to make it back to the bus by 10: 15. Is there a ferry leaving at 9 30 or later?. Please answer!! Thank you

  18. what pier will the ferries be leaving from to go to governors island on 9-3-11 for the rock the bells concert? some info tells me pier 6 some say pier 11. and they are all around the battery maritime building? i just have to find parking near the area and walk to whatever pier the ferry is leaving from correct? and what time will the ferries start running on sat?

  19. Hello, I am attending the Rock the Bells concert on 9/3/11. Will the ferry be running for concert-goers? Thank you!

  20. If I am planning on driving to the ferry to get to Governor’s Island, is there a parking garage close by? Any idea on prices?

    • There are a few garages in the area. The best thing to do is look them up on Google to see which is best for you, but there are garages on Whitehall, State and Pearl Streets.

  21. How will the ferry schedule be affected by Hurricane Irene? When and how will you announce disruptions/cancellations of the ferry routes?

    • Any changes to the ferry schedule will be announced on our blog and facebook page. Specific information about the Dave Matthews Band Caravan would be posted on

      • Can I dock my personal boat at the Island for the DMB shows?

      • Docking of personal boats are not permitted on Governors Island as all docks are used for ferry traffic to take visitors/concert goers to and from the Island.

    • Are ferries running more often than just 1pm on friday to get to Gov island?

    • Are ferries running more often that 1pm on friday to get to gov island?

      • The Governors Island ferry runs every hour on Friday until 3 PM. Special ferries are being run from Battery Park and Jersey City for the DMB Caravan concerts. Please visit for more information.

  22. Is there a way to get to Governor’s Island on a ferry after 7:00 PM for the Dave Matthews concert on Saturday, August 27? I see that the site states that:
    1. There is a free ferry for concert goers at 1:00 (too early for us)
    2. Regularly scheduled ferries run until 7:00 on Saturdays
    3. Ferries are running continuously until fans leave the island, but is that just for people leaving the island?

    We are arriving to lower Manhattan at about 8:00. Can we get to the island at that time and see the concert?

    • Yes – the concert is running ferries to and from the Island after the Island is closed. Please check the Dave Matthews Band caravan website for more information on specific ferry times.

    • Does anyone know if there will be a ferry from Jersey City to the Island on Sat.?

      • There are special ferries for the Dave Matthews Band Caravan that will be running ferries from Jersey City and Manhattan, but only for ticket holders. The free Governors Island ferry will be running to the Island from Manhattan and Brooklyn on Saturday as usual.

  23. I read that alcohol is not permitted on Gov’s Island. Will they make an acception for the DMB Caravan concert?

    • You cannot bring your own alcohol to the Island due to Coast Guard regulation; however alcohol is available in the concert venue for purchase and consumption.

  24. If I’m attending a concert of Governor’s Island, can I take any ferry there and just walk to the concert area?

  25. I am going to governors island for Dave matthews. Am I allowed to bring a vehicle?

    • Governors Island is car-free on public days so you must walk on to the ferry. Private vehicles are not permitted.

  26. Are there two different ferries that run from Pier 6 on the weekends? Your site mentions one that runs every 10 minutes and one that runs every 35 minutes.

  27. I’m attending Rock The Bells on September 3rd. Will there be ferries running out of Brooklyn and Queens?

    • The concert organizers are going to be running special boats for the concert. Information about the ferry schedule will be posted on the concert website.

  28. For this weekend, the Bass Island concert promoters say they will begin running free concert ferries at 3:30PM from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. Is there any reason you have to use a concert ferry, or can you access the concert area after getting off the regular Brooklyn-based ferry? Thx, Scott

  29. I have a question. I am planning on going to the DMB Caravan at Governor’s Island on Fri. Aug 26. The DMB website is offering a Jersey City Ferry service but I was double checking here to find out of where it would leave. Now I see that there is NO Jersey City ferry. Is there a special ferry for that weekend which is not being advertised openly or is the DMB website improperly informed? If there is a ferry from Jersey City that weekend, 1) what is it’s schedule and 2) from where does it leave? Any help would be great. Thanks.

    • The concert promoters will be running special ferries to and from Governors Island. They will be posting the schedule and departure locations shortly at Thanks!

      • do you know from what locations in NYC the ferries run to GI?

      • The ferry leaves from the Battery Maritime Building in Lower Manahttan (10 South Street) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday, the ferry leaves from Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn ferry departs from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park (at the foot of Atlantic Avenue)

      • Hi Elizabeth,

        Do you have any idea when the DMB caravan site is going to post where the jersey city ferry to gov island is going leave from and the times? Thanks for the info.

      • They will be posting shortly! Be sure to keep checking!

  30. We’re thinking of coming into Manhattan either today (Fri 8/5) or tomorrow. Typically, are the ferry lines shorter on Fridays or Saturdays? How long should we expect to wait on line?

    • The ferry lines are most busy on Fridays at 10 AM and 11 AM and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30 PM to about 3:30 PM – other times of the day tend to have shorter lines.

  31. Hi,
    I am aware that ferries fun from Manhattan to GI every half hour beginning at 11am on Saturday’s. I am wondering how long the ferry ride takes?
    Thank you!

  32. Im going to a concert sometime this month, and it will be lasting all night. Will there be a ferry accessible at like 11:30? If so, where can i buy these tickets.

    • yes these events are run by concert promoters who will be running special boats. Please check the concert website for specific information.

  33. Are there tours of the homes on Colonel Row?

    • There aren’t formal tours but one of the houses, Building 403, is open with an exhibition and visitors are welcome to go inside and take a look!

  34. Are there any Ferries leaving from Jersey City or Hoboken, NJ?? If so what would the schedule be this weekend?

  35. Planning a day on GI, Are picnics allowed?

  36. Can you get to GI on weekends via East River Ferry loop, which has first pick up at Manhattan at East 34th St…making multiple stops till the final destination at Governors Island? Would this be easier from someone driving from northern suburbs? As opposed to driving all the way down to Battery Park?

  37. I’m thinking of attending Governer’s Island. Are the ferry schedules the same on City of Water day as they are on normal weekends?

    Will I beable to take a ferry in LIC or Greenpoint?

    Is it byo bike or can you rent there?

  38. Nevermind, found out there will be special ferries for our group to go earlier.

  39. I am going to governers island today, is the last ferry from manhattan at 5:30pm?

  40. Hello! im attending an event the 3rd of july and am coming from Hempstead long island. I was wondering what is the best way to get to govenors island. Should i take the train into the city and get a ferry from there ? or even queens. Please and thank you!!

    • If you take mass transit, you can take the train to Penn Station and then take the subway. The Island is accessible by the R to Whitehall Street, the 1 to South Ferry or the 4,5 to Bowling Green. The ferry leaves from the Battery Maritime Building (10 South Street at the corner of South and Whitehall)

  41. Hi. I am going to the Dance.Here.Now Festival tomorrow and was wondering if there will be any ferry services leaving Brooklyn after 3 on Friday. Also, after the concert ends, will there be any Brooklyn bound ferries or would I have to go into Manhattan first? Thanking you in advance for your response :)

    • There are no free ferries from Brooklyn on Fridays. Ferries to the Dance.Here.Now go from Lower Manhattan’s Battery Maritime Building (10 South Steret, Slip 7, adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal)

    • There is ferry service from Brooklyn on Friday according to the schedule posted on this web site. You’ll have to pay $4 each way.

      • yes that is correct. The East River Ferry service will take you to the Island from Brooklyn on Fridays for $4. Free ferry service runs from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 on Saturdays and Sundays.

  42. First time to NYC but only have a weekend – can we ferry to Brooklyn and walk back across the Brooklyn Bridge?

    • Yes you can! Our ferry goes to and from Pier 6 in Brooklyn (at the foot of Atlantic Avenue) which is a bit of a walk from the Brooklyn Bridge, but you can take the new East River Ferry service to and from Governors Island to the Fulton Ferry Landing (which is right under the Brooklyn Bridge). You can learn more here:

  43. Hi ! I’m planning to attend the Dance Here Now Festival next friday. How does it goes in terms of transportation where there are concerts on the island ? The promoter states it will use NYC Water taxi… Could I also use the 3PM ferry to get there ? Do you have any feedback of how it goes when a concert finishes, like at midnight in this case, and thousands of people need to get back to NYC using the water taxis ? Just concerned to be stuck there for a long time. Thanks !

    • You can take the free ferry at 3 PM to come to Governors Island. At 5 PM, when the general Island closes, ticketholders will be asked to move to Water Taxi Beach. Concert goers will then get off the Island by a water taxi.

  44. does anyone know what’s the easiest way to get there from Fort Lee, NJ?

    • You can take NJ Transit to Penn Station and then the 1 train to South Ferry, which leaves you right near the Governors Island Ferry Terminal. You can also take the PATH to World Trade Center and take the 1 train to South Ferry as well.

  45. Iam planning to go to new york in august 25 .. i know there is a concert of dave matthews band august 26 27 and 28 … i would like to know if the ferry has a charge fee… thank you very much!

    • You can access Governors Island by the free Governors Island ferry (from either Manhattan or Brooklyn) or via the ferries that are run by the concert promoters. For information on those ferries, please see the concert website.

  46. where exactly does the Brooklyn Ferry leave from? I see you can take the train to Jay St but how do we get from there to the Ferry?

    • Ferry leaves from Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, at the foot of Atlantic Avenue.

      • Where exactly does the Manhattan Ferry leave from, and how do I get there from the South Ferry station?
        Thank you.

      • The ferry is located at 10 South Street, at the corner of South and Whitehall Streets, next to the Staten Island Ferry. When you exit the Staten Island ferry terminal, make a right and you will see it – it is a large green building with blue flags that say “Governors Island.”

  47. Why there is no ferry from Brooklyn on Fridays? Why discrimination?

  48. Is this the current 2011 ferry schedule ? I have been led to believe there is a 7am ferry on Friday May 20th.
    Thank you

    • This is the current schedule for all public ferries. Staff and those producing events on the Island are permitted to take earlier ferries, but that would need to be arranged with appropriate staff members from The Trust for Governors Island.

  49. does the ferry from nyc daily? where is the schedule?


  51. Bonjour
    Je viens au mois de Mai pour une dizaine de jours, et je ne trouve pas les horaires du Ferry pour aller dans l’ile ? est elle toujours ouverte ?
    Merci beaucoup

    I come in May for ten days, and I can not find the ferry schedules to go to the island
    ? is it still open?
    Thank you very much


  52. As far as the Brooklyn ferry, is there a date when they stop running for the season?

  53. hi, i was wondering, what if i was to miss the last ferry to return to manhattan? is there a possible way of getting back to manhattan on a friday schedule. i see that the last ferry leaves at 5pm; i was thinking maybe the watertaxi in case of emergency, but i saw that their service ends at 4pm. Will there be employees that make sure everyone is completely off the island and not miss the last ferry or is there an alternative way to return to manhattan if i miss the 5pm ferry.

    • Hi Anna,
      That’s a great question, but you don’t have to worry about missing the last boat back to Manhattan. Governors Island staff sweeps the Island before we close to ensure that everyone makes it to the ferry on time.

  54. IS their service to Governor’s Island from Pier 6 in Brooklyn for the Rock The Bells show?

    • No. Rock the Bells’ concert ferries leave from Pier 11 at the foot of Wall St. in Manhattan and will take concert goers to the special events dock adjacent to the concert venue. Special concert ferries run continuously from 12pm until the last concert-goer is off the island. For information about getting to Rock the Bells visit

  55. im going to rock the bells on 8/28/2010. im staying on william st by south st. the concert wont get over til like mindinight . will there be a ferry ro bring us backto manhattan at that time. it says the ferry runs last at 530 pm? any help thanks

    • Ferry transportation for Rock the Bells is being provided by the concert producer. For information on transportation and the show, please visit

      • Can I not take the Brooklyn ferry? I like by Pier 6 in Brooklyn.

      • All public ferries will operate as scheduled today. However, Rock the Bells’ concert ferries leave from Pier 11 at the foot of Wall St. in Manhattan and will take concert goers to the special events dock adjacent to the concert venue. Special concert ferries run continuously from 12pm until the last concert-goer is off the island. For information about getting to Rock the Bells visit

  56. I am attending the Rock the Bells concert 8/28 and the show doesn’t end until 12am so I was wondering if the Pier11 ferry will be transporting people back to manhattan after the show or if we will be stranded on the island. If stranded, are there any water taxis that are easily accessible and would I have to schedule for that ahead of time. I am from MA and am unfamiliar with NY so I need to know this info so I can plan for overnight parking, etc, if necessary. Thanks so much!

  57. How long is the trip from Manhattan ferry to Governor’s Island?

    Should we anticipate a long wait for the ferry to and from the Maritime terminal on Fridays?

    • The trip is seven minutes long. The ferry can take 1,000 passengers at a time so usually the waits are not long on fridays.

  58. I will be attended the Rock the Bells festival on August 28th. What is the easiest way from NJ? i am 15mins outside Staten Island and the City, just trying to figure out the easiest route. Did not find any schedule on the sight.

  59. My sister uses a walker and needs some handicapped information. She will be taking Access-A-Ride and needs to know the cross streets for the ferry from Manhattan in addition to the address. Also, are there taxis nearby for the return trip? Will there be a problem bring the walker and the ferry and using it on the island?

    • There is no problem with bringing a walker on the ferry and there are accessible rest rooms and food within a short walk of the ferry dock. The ferry from Manhattan to Governors Island departs from the Battery Maritime Building at 10 South Street, which is slightly north of the intersection of South St. and Whitehall St. For directions please visit:

  60. Hi, I was planning on going to the island early to bike before the 8/14 concert. Can I bring my bike to the concert? Is there bike parking avail? Does the Water Taxi that departs after the concert allow bikes? Ty!

    • Yes, there is bike parking at the Beach and you can bring your bike on the boat on the way home from the concert tonight.

  61. Can you take your own bike on the Gov Island ferry?


    • Absolutely! All visitors are welcome to bring their bikes to Governors Island to enjoy more than five miles of car free biking (or you can rent one while you are here!) On Fridays, bikes are free for up to one hour as a part of Bike and Roll’s Free Bike Fridays program.

  62. Hi,

    What’s the best way to get to the Governor’s Island from New Jersey?

    • If you take NJ Transit to Penn Station, you can then take the 1 train to South Ferry. The Battery Maritime Building is located adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal which is where you exit the South Ferry Station.

  63. Hello, my family has been to the island only once and that was last year. We were pretty much at a loss as to which way to walk once we got there. I had believed there would be some sort of map by the entrance. Did I fail to see it? I’ve been looking online for the type of map of Governor’s Island that would guide us. Just like Central Park does. Even w/ arthritis I walk alot but I would sure like to know where I’m going. I there a map link that is active. I’ve run into a few error pages already, Thanks.

    • Evelyn,
      Thanks for your email. There are map kiosks located around the Island to help our visitors find their way around. There are three kiosks located together near the ferry landing (about 100 feet up the hill from Soissons dock if you are coming on the Manhattan ferry and about 50 feet from the ferry landing at Pier 101 if you are coming from Brooklyn). You can also download a map in advance of your visit from our website at

  64. I’m going to the Grizzly Bear concert on August 12. Do you know what time the concert will end (an estimate would be fine). Also, are the audience members allowed to leave early (before the concert is over).


  65. Hi,

    I’m attending a concert on 8/28 on Governor’s Island and the concert will end around 12 midnight. Would the ferry be available then for this event or would i have to take the water taxi.

    Also, where do you recommend i park since i’m coming from delaware? Some have suggested I park in Newark, NJ and take the PATH from there to WTC and others say to park in brooklyn and take the ferry from there. Thanks

  66. Hi,

    I’m attending the M.I.A. gig this coming Saturday (July 24th) – according to the set times M.I.A is not due on until 23.30. Assuming things run a little and it doesn’t start till midnight, what time will it finish, and will there be a ferry service back to Manhattan at that time. Is the last ferry back at a set time or will it run until everyone has left?

  67. How big is the ferry that runs out to the island? About the same size as the Staten Island Ferry?

    • It’s not quite as big as the Staten Island Ferries! The Governors Island Ferry can carry up to 1,200 passengers.

  68. Thanks, I’m almost on my way.


  69. Planning to visit, is there a restaurant or food available or do we bring a snack in case we want a bite to eat? I checked site, did not see any mention of eats/food.

    Thanks much,


  70. I plan to attend a concert on July 4th starting at 4pm. Would like to stay at the Island to watch the fireworks. What time does that happen and will there still be ferry service back to Manhattan till the fireworks end? What time is the last ferry back to Manhattan?


    • Hi!
      Governors Island is a great place to spend the day on July 4th! However, the last public ferry off the Island leaves at 7pm.

      This year, the fireworks are taking place over the Hudson River from the area by the Intrepid. They will be too far north to be seen from the island.

      Water Taxi Beach on Governors Island will remain open until 1am for a ticketed DJ event. Private Water Taxi’s will run between Manhattan and Governors Island all night to serve ticket holders for that event. For more tickets and info, visit


      • Hi, Ellen. Thanks for the speedy reply.

        Great info. Sad about the fireworks. Unfortunately, the She & Him concert I will be attending is a FREE event and no tickets so (I guess) I can’t use the Water Taxi.

        Maybe I will use the 7pm last ferry and moozy on up the Hudson to see the fireworks.

        Thanks again for the info.


  71. Where can I park at the Brooklyn terminal?

    • Hi,
      There is on-street parking within walking distance of Brooklyn Bridge Park/Pier 6, where the Brooklyn ferries depart for Governors Island

  72. I’ve heard there is ferry service from Jersey City to Governor’s Island on weekends and that you can buy tickets ahead of time online? Can’t seem to find anything about this on the site, however. Can you direct me to the correct place?

    • Debra,

      The free ferry to Governors Island runs only from Lower Manhattan or Brooklyn. Special events like NY Brewfest or City of Water Day may run ferries from other locations such as New Jersey, but there is not normally a ferry service from Jersey City to Governors Island.

  73. i would like to know a little more information about the governer long island fairy. is there any cost? my contact 6467258123 thanks

  74. Hello,

    The ferry schedule is missing on the web site. The site says its on the directions page, but it’s not. How can I find out when they ferries depart and whether they leave from Brooklyn over Memorial Day weekend?


    • Hi Samantha,
      We are going to be posting the ferry schedule shortly. Please check back soon for updates!

  75. Hello!

    I am writing to see if there is any more information about Ferry service from Brooklyn for the 2010 season.

    Thank you,

    • Janah,

      There will definitely be ferry service between Brooklyn and Governors Island on Saturdays and Sundays this summer. We will post additional information in a week or so to let all visitors know the departure location and ferry schedule.

  76. The main Gov Island website says there is ferry service tomorrow – Sept 26 – from Brooklyn. The ferry schedule on the Gov Island blog says there isn’t any Brooklyn ferry service this weekend. Which is correct?

    • Thank you very much for your comment. There IS Brooklyn service starting at 11 AM tomorrow and Sunday. There was a technical glitch that indicated there wasn’t service but there definitley is service from both Brooklyn and Manhattan for Sept 26 and 27. The schedules on the website and blog are correct. Thanks.

  77. Does the Manhattan ferry and the Brooklyn ferry land in the same spot on the Island? If not, how far apart are they (via walking or bike)?
    Thank you.

  78. Where do I park my car near the Manhattan ferry terminal?

  79. Will you be offering free ferry service to Governors Island from Manhattan Monday thru Thurs. in the near future?

    • This year, Governors Island is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through October 11. Each year, we try to open more areas of the Island to the public, and expand what we can offer visitors. While the long-term plans for Governors Island include extending the Island’s hours of operation, for now, we plan to be open from Firdays-Sundays from the end of May to mid-October. We hope this provides many visitors with opportunities to visit, enjoy car-free biking, picnic and more.

  80. Can cars go on the ferry, and if so will it cast anything???

    • Private cars are not allowed on Governors Island. The Island’s vehicle ferry is carries limited service, delivery and emergency vehicles by appointment only.

      • well we are having a poetry evnt there and are wondering how we are going to transport the bongos and other instruments from the dock to the #11 building, Barry Rd

  81. […] kids in tow. Unfortunately, we were not able to take Puffin, so we joined the huddled masses on the ferry from the Battery Maritime Building, all yearning to breathe free on the lawns and promenade of the […]

  82. […] Directions & Ferry Schedule […]

  83. I am interested in attending the Erikah Badu concert on Monday, Are there any ferries that leave from New Jersey on weekdays

  84. what is the best way to come from Hoboken NJ to reach the ferry tour pier 5


    • This weekend we will have limited ferry service from Hoboken, New Jersey for the City of Water Day Festival on Saturday. See below. If you would like to come from Hoboken on any other day, your best bet would be to take the path to Christopher Street. Then you can take the 1 train down to South Street. For more directions please look at the Directions & Ferry Schedule page of this blog.

      “Reserve a place on the special City of Water Day Festival NY Waterway Ferry from Hoboken, NJ and the West 39th Street Ferry Terminal in Manhattan.

      Please only register for the number of places you need as seating is limited.

      – Ferry Picks up at Hoboken North at 10am
      – Ferry Picks up at Pier 39, Manhattan at 10:15am
      – Arrives, City of Water Day Festival, Governors Island, 11am

      This ferry departs the City of Water Day Festival at 4:30 pm from Governors Island, Pier 101, returning to the West 39th Street Terminal and Hoboken North.

      To reserve tickets on this ferry, click here.
      For directions to the Hoboken North Ferry Landing, click here.
      For directions to the West 39th Street Terminal, click here.”

  85. Looking to go to the Island on 7/11 for the concert. Can’t seem to find a ferry schedule for this…where can i find it. Thanx

    • Our ferry schedules are available on a week to week basis on our website, but generally on weekends they run every half hour and every hour on Fridays. This Island is open until 7 on Satrudays and Sundays and 5 on Fridays. Concerts usually happen after those hours, and so for ferry services to Water Taxi Beach on Governors Island after the Island is closed for public access, please contact Water Taxi.


  86. This ferry service is a bit of a mess. We took the ferry to Governor’s Island from Brooklyn today at 11:00am and when we returned to the ferry at 1:30, we discovered there was apparently no ferry to Brooklyn. We ended up having to go to Manhattan and finding our way back to Brooklyn, which was severely inconvenient with kids, bikes, and a trail-a-bike. Of course there was no sympathy or concern from the ferry operators. We ended up rushing over to the South Street Seaport and caught a Water taxi back to Brooklyn. If the ferry service is not something that you can count on, then people won’t risk going. I know I won’t. It was fun while we were there, though.

    • John,

      I am so sorry you had a tough time that Sunday. Unfortunately, WaterWays started service that day even though we did not order it. We did not find out until later that they had brought people from Brooklyn until much later. We have Brooklyn service only on days when there is specific programming on Governors Island. Please check our website for ferry information here.

      Thanks and I hope you do decide to come via Brooklyn ferry again. In the future, please check to make sure we have ferries going to Brooklyn.

  87. […] planning of a new proposed park on the island.   Read more about island  activities, history, visiting hours, and more at the links […]

  88. Could you please let us know the Ferry schedule going to the Island and coming back to Manhattan. Thanks.

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