Figment Festival 2008 – Day Two!

Figment Festival 2008

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Here’s a quick peek at yesterday’s revelry during day two of the Figment Festival on Governors Island. Today the festival-goers will be joined by swimmers from the Manhattan Island Foundation swimming around the Island!

Figment Festival

Day One of the Figment Festival was pretty amazing.  Art projects are springing up all over the Island in unexpected places and if you were flying over Governors Island you might have noticed a string of balloons floating above the Parade Ground. I hope the fantastic red white and blue electric car is back today and I’m looking forward to the performance of the “puppets” in the Emergence show in Building 14 in Nolan Park. Figment is on today Saturday June 28th and tomorrow June 29th rain or shine.

We believe passionately that Governors Island is a place for the arts, for risk, for experimentation, for projects that you can’t do in other public spaces in NYC.  We are thrilled to welcome everyone who has helped make Figment happen and we are awestruck by their creativity, passion and organization.

Click here for our ferry schedule and directions.  Come experience New York’s Island of the Arts!


Jazz Age Festival Was The Cat’s Pajamas!

Beating back the heat with parasols and hand held fans, hundreds of fancy-dressing eggs and swells came out for our annual Jazz Age Lawn Party and Festival to hear Michael Arenella and his Dreamland Orchestra, dance the Charleston, and picnic in 1920’s vintage finery. The photo above is from a fabulous flickr set of photos from Lynne Redmile, a dancer who was out for both days of the festival. And she wasn’t the only one taking great pictures this weekend. . .

The Sartorialist took some stunning portraits of revelers and even showed up as a subject in another excellent set of photos.

Smart Stuff not only captured her friends picnicking in costume, but a delicious looking pie she brought for the bake-off.

Blah Blah Blog didn’t much care for the directions on our website (we’ll look into that), but still managed to have a pleasant afternoon and took a great picture of one of our new trams.

For more detailed reports, check out the Lucid Culture and Periodic Elements of Style posts.


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