FIGMENT Returns to Governors Island

Visitors love FIGMENT's artist designed miniature golf course.

FIGMENT, now in its fifth year on Governors Island, returns this weekend with a wide range of participatory arts projects taking place all over the Island.

This year, Figment participants will enjoy favorites from years past as well as surprising new projects like Plastic Fantastic, a 16-foot geodesic dome made from over 6,000 post-consumer water bottles; The Anywhere Organ, a giant, mobile, electronic pipe organ built out of recycled parts from discarded church organs; and Seeing Inside, a puppet theater hidden inside a dress – all in addition to scores of spontaneous performances, art and activities for all ages.

In addition to this weekend’s activities, Figment has three long term exhibitions, including the very popular miniature golf course (with a theme of “Bugs”), an interactive sculpture garden, and the Burple Bup Pavilion.

So come out to the Island anytime today-Sunday to participate, experiment and explore!

Wall Street Journal: Those Who Like to Putter Around with Art Give Golf a Shot

A young Island visitor enjoys FIGMENT's artist designed miniature golf course

On the front page of yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, Stephanie Simon looked at artists around the country that are designing miniature golf courses.

Governors Island was one of the first public spaces to welcome artist designed miniature golf, with a course by FIGMENT three years ago.  Since then, the course has been one of the Island’s most popular activities.

In 2010, visitors enjoyed the "World's Fair" themed course that also featured two of the best holes from 2008 and 2009

The first year’s “City of Dreams” course was well used and loved by visitors. Last year, the holes became even more elaborate and challenging holes with a “World’s Fair” theme and this year, visitors will enjoy a “Bugs and Features” course.

Thousands of visitors have come out to enjoy FIGMENT weekend and the mini golf course in the past few years. This year, FIGMENT weekend is June 10-12 and the miniature golf course will be up all season. So get ready to come out to the Island, grab a club and play a free round of artist designed miniature golf!

Submissions open for FIGMENT on Governors Island

FIGMENT is again coming back to Governors Island this summer. From June 11-13, the Island will be transformed by visual and performing artists, sculpture, music, theatre and much more. If you are an artist and would like to submit a project for this year’s FIGMENT, you can learn more about participating here. All submissions are due by May 1. 

An installation on the Island's Parade Ground from FIGMENT 2009


Artists can also still submit ideas for the FIGMENT’s mini golf course and the sculpture garden until March 1.

Calling all artists and architects: Help Figment build their City of Dreams on Governors Island

Figment is one of Governors Island’s most incredible weekends of the entire public access season. 2010 will mark the fourth year that artists have come to Governors Island to create and display participatory artwork for visitors to experience and enjoy. Since first coming to the Island in 2007, more than 20,000 visitors have taken part in this creative and dynamic event.

One of our visitors enjoys Figment's free mini golf course in 2009 (photo by Marco Repola)

 As a part of Figment’s 2010 event, they are calling for proposals for three different and exciting opportunities: 

The City of Dreams Pavilion: Figment has teamed up with the Emerging New York Architects Committee at the AIA New York and the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY) to sponsor a competition to design and construct an architectural pavilion for the 2010 summer season on Governors Island. The Pavilion will be a gathering place for people to meet, learn about the arts programs on the island, be able to enjoy a planned or impromptu performance or lecture, and experience the interaction of art and the historic context of Governors Island. Architects interested in learning more and submitting a proposal can do so here. The deadline for submission is just two weeks away. 

Artist designed mini golf course: Figment is also looking for artists to create a new 18 hole,  This year’s theme is World’s Fair, and artists are invited to submit proposals for an individual hole. The free Figment mini golf course has been an enormous success on Governors Island. Visitors of all ages have enjoyed playing the course over the past two years and it continues to be a great attraction and activity for visitors to enjoy. 

Art on the Parade Ground as a part of Figment 2009.

City of Dreams Sculpture Garden: Artists are invited to submit proposals for works to be featured in the garden. The Sculpture Garden was a great addition to the Island last year and visitors enjoyed interacting with the 16 works of art that were featured. 

We look forward to welcoming performing artists, visual artists, sculptors, architects and visitors when Figment returns to the Island this June 11-13


Starting this Friday, June 12th, the annual art mega-event known as FIGMENT* will be transforming Governors Island into a participatory art festival. The activities will include a Spontaneous Poetry session, a Circus Yoga Workshop, a music piece entitled Strong Woman and Amazons, and even a human sculpture. This list is extensive.

FIGMENT began in 2007 on Governors Island. That first year 2,800 people came to be a part of the event. Last year visitorship reached over 10,000 participants! FIGMENT ’09 is sure to be a huge success. The group has received two grants this year from The Fund for Creative Communities, and The Manhattan Community Arts Fund. David Koren, along with a substantial number of other volunteers, is largely responsible for the organization of the event.  In a interview with the Gothamist last year he describes where the name comes from, and how it relates to the festival: “The name comes from Andy Warhol. He once commented that he’d like his tombstone to have only one word on it: “Figment.” Though Warhol never got his wish (he has a traditional grave marker), we hope that this event can build a bridge between the incredible history of the arts in New York, while pointing the way to the future, and helping New York to remain the center of the art world.”

Additionally, FIGMENT will be expanding their mini golf course “City of Dreams” to 18 holes. This weekend the Island will be alive with activity, and we hope you will be apart of it. There will be something for people of all ages. So now the question is: what are you bringing?


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