Bike surreys have arrived in NYC!  What is a bike surrey many people asked? Well if you dont remember Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s family vehicle this photo may help.  What better way for a family (or any group of 4 or more of all sizes and ages) to enjoy the car-free bike path on Governors Island?

Bike and Roll  has surreys to rent every day we are open (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) and we guarantee that you will giggle while you pedal! (yes it is a bit more work pedalling a family of four even if you are all doing it together!)

And bring a camera…a family on a surrey makes a perfect holiday card photo!

Countdown to Free Bike Fridays on Governors Island!

I took this picture this morning of the guys from Bike and Roll  furiously building bikes for Free Bike Friday tomorrow. The bikes are Trek single-speed, coaster-brake beach bikes, which are great for Governors Island‘s relatively hill-free car-free roads. They also have kids bikes and little wagons that hitch to the back of the bike. The tandems and bike surries – which are not part of Free Bike Fridays, but which Bike and Roll will have for rent – are coming tomorrow too.


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