Building the New Park

Hammock Grove features 50 beautiful hammocks with outstanding views of the Statue of Liberty

Hammock Grove features 50 beautiful hammocks with outstanding views of the Statue of Liberty

Liggett Terrace and Yankee Hanger

Adirondack chairs provide places to rest for visitors of all sizes.

The Trust for Governors Island has completed construction on the first 30 acres of new park and public spaces. These new spaces were designed by the acclaimed Dutch landscape architecture firm, West 8.

The new 30 acres of park include Liggett Terrace, a sunny, six-acre plaza with seasonal plantings, seating, water features and public art; Hammock Grove, a sunny ten-acre space that is home to 1,500 new trees, play areas and 50 hammocks; and the Play Lawn, 14 acres for play and relaxation that includes two natural turf ball fields sized for adult softball and Little League baseball.  In addition, new welcome areas have been added at the Island’s ferry landings, as have key visitor amenities, including lighting, seating and signage throughout the Historic District.

These wonderful spaces opened for public use for the first time in May 2014.

The Trust has also broken ground on The Hills, an additional 10 acres that are the culminating feature of the new Governors Island Park. Made of recycled construction and fill materials, The Hills will rise 25 to 70 feet above the Island, and the summit of the tallest Hill will provide visitors with a 360-degree panorama of the Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor and the Lower Manhattan skyline. The Hills are currently under construction with the goal of completion in 2016.

See the pictures of the new park!

As the team developed the plan, the public provided thousands of comments. They continue to do so in an interactive exhibition on the Island, by leaving comments here, and also on our Facebook page.

12 Responses

  1. I was stationed on Governors Island when it was First Army Headquarters. I was there from October, 1957 until my discharge In June of 1959. It was a beautiful island and I enjoyed my time there. Since I lived (and still do) in the Philadelphia area, I was home every Friday night for the weekend – great duty!! Marty Ingels was in my barracks when he was just starting out as a young comedian. I did get back on the island in 1985 for a visit when the U.S. Coastguard occupied it. Would love to go for another visit

    Fred Coleman

  2. I was lucky enough to live on Governors’ Island when it was an army post back in the 60’s. I will never forget its wonderful historical value and growing up in a safe environment which was just a 10 minute ferry ride to the city. I hope it will be preserved as it was one of the best environments I was blessed to lived in. Wonderful views of ships passing and the Statue of Liberty.

    • I was born there in ’63… I had not seen it for nearly 50 years until this past September… it was a magical experience for me!!

  3. we should tern it in to a realy big watter amusement park and than in the winter flude the hole thing and every one can ice skate and they can sell marshmellows and chocklie and gramcrackers and marshmellow sticks and the kids would rost marshmellows and make samores

  4. Can we open it earlier this year- in April? June seems so far from now.

  5. Are there plans for a garden?

    NYC must keep the local/sustainable food movement going!

  6. It would be great to include a water amusement park, children’s playground, butterfly gardens, petting aquarium, wet lab, ecology center, comfortable resting areas for the young and old, select more female trees than male trees as there is no pollen, horse carriage service or bike service to help the older folks get around and explore the island.

  7. […] Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) in connection with the planning of a new proposed park on the island.   Read more about Governors Island at the links […]

  8. Please include in your design youth baseball fields. Playing little league baseball on Governor’s Island these past 2 years has been a wonderful experience for my son and I want that experience to extend into the future for generations of New York City little league children.


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