About Governors Island:

Governors Island, in the heart of New York Harbor, is only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. The entire 92 acre National Historic District is open to the public for picnics, tours, concerts, car-free biking, and more.

For almost two centuries, Governors Island was home to the US Army and later the Coast Guard.

The Coast Guard closed the Island a decade ago, and in 2003 the land was transferred to the State and City of New York for one dollar.

Twenty-two acres of the Island, including two 1812-era forts, was declared a National Monument, which is overseen by the National Park Service. The other 150 acres are overseen by The Trust for Governors Island.

Governors Island will be the site of future educational, non-profit and commercial facilities, as well as world-class open space. An acclaimed team, led by West 8, has been chosen to design the new Governors Island Park and Great Promenade.

Governors Island is an incredible resource for all New Yorkers and visitors.

About Us:

The Trust for Governors Island is the non-profit corporation created by the City of New York that is responsible for the planning, redevelopment, and ongoing operations of 150 acres of Governors Island. 

The Trust’s mission is to bring Governors Island back to life, making this island at the center of New York Harbor a destination with great public open space, as well as educational, not for profit and commercial facilities.

The Trust for Governors Island is the successor entity to the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation. For more information, visit www.govisland.com.